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7 Wonder City Islamabad

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7 Wonders City Islamabad is home to one of the most contemporary and distinctive housing communities in the country. This housing society is unusual in that it plans to build replicas of seven global marvels in a single gated community. The developers make every effort to provide the ideal living experience for future residents and investors. As a result, it is a wonderful investment opportunity in Islamabad, in the medium to long term. Seven Wonders City is being developed over an area of around 200 acres (1,936 kanals), making it quite unique in terms of size in the modern housing market. Finally, the proximity of this housing society to the CPEC-Ring Road Interchange, the new Islamabad airport and the M2-Motorway is a distinguishing characteristic (Lahore-Islamabad).

Seven Wonders City Islamabad Developers & Owners:

Global Financial Services (GFS), the project’s owner, has been a key participant in the construction industry for more than a decade. They’ve worked on projects spanning from residential to commercial infrastructure. In addition, they have successfully managed their customers’ assets across a wide range of sectors. Each of the GFS Corporation’s business operations seeks to create additional value. Mr. Irfan Wahid, the CEO of GFS, is a multi-faceted developer with supervisory and engineering expertise in New York and London. GFS International is a hallmark of prestige, trustworthiness, and professionalism in the real estate sector. GFS Builders & Developers was named “Fastest-growing brand of the year” for its high-quality living projects. Their developments are located in Karachi and Islamabad and have sophisticated features like as CCTV, gated communities, executive elevators, enough parking, swimming pools, and more. We want to provide a high-quality living that is close to educational institutions, mosques, and parks. GFS International offers a variety of projects for investment, residential, and commercial use, including plots, villas, flats, and stores. Through our endeavors, we are transforming landscapes. The following are some projects previously developed by GFS builders:

7 Wonder City Islamabad, Location:

The most important and crucial feature of any housing society is its location, which is why before making any real estate investment, all investors consider this factor. As a result, developers have created an excellent position that is close to all of the area’s major attractions. The society is also near to the CPEC-Ring Road Interchange. As a result, this real estate project will have two entrances: one near Fateh Jung Road and the other near the CPEC Route. The project is located on the CPEC Road, with convenient access to the M2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway. Seven wonder city, Islamabad is just a 30-minute drive from the new Islamabad Airport and 5 minutes from the Hakla interchange. There is also an entry point near Fateh Jang Road.

Several adjacent sights and locations surround Seven Wonders City:

Seven wonders city NOC status:

7 Wonders City Islamabad NOC

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) for 7 Wonders City is currently being processed. The Fateh Jhang Tehsil Municipal Authority (TMA) is the department in charge of issuing the NOC to the public. However, everything is being done so that the NOC permission will be issued very shortly.

Seven Wonders City Master Plan:

Seven Wonders City, Islamabad encompasses a wide region of land. Its whole territory is split into various blocks, each with a different set of attributes. This community also boasts broad roadways, up-to-date construction plans, and contemporary facilities. This new home development has all that today’s contemporary housing societies have to offer. The replication of the world’s seven wonders, on the other hand, is a unique characteristic of this undertaking.

Residents and tourists will be able to see replicas of the following:

The Seven Wonders City Islamabad provides the following affordable plots for sale:

7 Wonders City Islamabad Residential Block:

The residential block is the part of the housing scheme that provides residents with a luxurious, stress free environment to build their homes in. The residential sector caters to families, with a wide range of services and amenities. In addition, several plot sizes are available to provide a variety of choices based on a family’s needs. As a consequence, the residential sector makes residency feasible, and the community provides a payment plan that is priced extremely competitively in the current housing market.

Plots for sale in the residential block are as follows:

7 Wonders City Islamabad Overseas Executive Block:

7 Wonders City Islamabad Overseas Block

The overseas executive block design will help Pakistanis who have lived abroad and have availed the best housing facilities available. Therefore, the executive block is built to a higher level of luxury with an exceptional level of amenities than the remainder of the housing society.

Plots for sale in the Overseas Executive Block are as follows:

Seven Wonders City Commercial Block:

7 Wonders City Islamabad Commercial Area
To give the greatest possible service to its residents, every society demands a business center. For investors looking to invest in a safe and secure real estate company, commercial plots are an excellent choice. Furthermore, given the news that the scheme’s NOC approval is just around the corner, the value of plots—commercial property sites along Main Boulevard—is rapidly increasing. Each block’s occupants have direct access to the retail field and zone, which is comprised of stores and markets. The major commercial location in the valley is located near the valley’s main entrance. Furthermore, prominent roads such as the Ring Road and Chakri Road are immediately accessible from the neighborhood.

Plots for sale in the Commercial Block are as follows:

Seven Wonders City Farmhouse Block:

A hectic, noisy, and monotonous way of life can create mental distress. Therefore, one aspires to live in a quiet and serene place to encourage a respite from this frantic lifestyle. Consequently, a Farm House is a place where visitors may enjoy nature’s magnificence while also indulging in luxury. As a consequence, the farmhouse is located in the scheme’s ‘calm centre’, providing an ideal world setting. It also has an enticing water stream that runs beside and around the project’s natural landscape.

Plots for sale in the Farmhouse Block are as follows:

Seven Wonders city Wonder Villas:

7 Wonders City Islamabad Villas
The housing scheme’s developers have meticulously designed the villas for the residents’ convenience. Wonder Villas is a project that aims to raise the standard in Islamabad for luxury living. It’s an ideal spot for individuals who want to build beautiful homes. The villa’s appeal is enhanced by the presence of theme parks, libraries, community centers, and enormous mosques that suit your social needs.

Villas are available in the following sizes:

7 Wonder City Islamabad Payment Plan:

Seven Wonders City, Islamabad offers inexpensive payment options with convenient installment schedules. The plots for sale in Seven Wonders City Islamabad are available for booking, and you can reach out to us for more information.
Plot SizePlot PriceDown PaymentConfirmation40 Monthly Installments08 Half-Yearly InstallmentsPossession
05 Marla1,650,000/-165,000/-82,500/-11,550/-86,625/-247,500/-
07 Marla2,310,000/-231,000/-115,000/-16,170/-121,275/-346,500/-
10 Marla3,300,000/-330,000/-165,000/-23,100/-173,250/-495,000/-

Seven Wonders City General Block:

Plot SizePlot PriceDown PaymentConfirmation40 Monthly Installments08 Half-Yearly InstallmentsPossession
05 Marla1,850,000/-185,000/-185,000/-12,950/-97,125/-277,500/-
07 Marla2,510,000/-251,000/-251,000/-17,570/-131,775/-378,500/-
10 Marla3,500,000/-350,000/-350,000/-24,500/-183,750/-525,000/-

Amenities Provided by the Society:

Electricity, water and natural gas availability:

Residents’ water, electricity and gas demands have been the primary focus of the developers. Water reservoirs and backup generators will be built for this purpose, allowing for an uninterrupted lifestyle.

Healthcare Facilities:

7 Wonders City Islamabad Health Care
The developers have devoted special attention to the society’s health services. The developers of 7 Wonders City will build state-of-the-art international hospitals and clinics for this reason. The emergency room will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with personnel and physicians on hand at all times.

Secure Gated Community:

7 Wonders City Islamabad Smart Gated Community

A housing society requires a feeling of security. A gated neighborhood provides security. People are protected by a security system that includes properly placed CCTV cameras and other surveillance equipment that is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, the society will be ringed by a flawless perimeter wall, ensuring a high degree of security.

Secure Gated Community:

7 Wonders City Islamabad Parks
Residents will be able to participate in recreational activities in theme parks and grounds. Physical activities, as we all know, are an important part of maintaining good health. Furthermore, these parks and grounds will be accessible in all blocks, enhancing the aesthetics and encouraging inhabitants to lead healthier lives.

High Quality Road Infrastructure:

To guarantee optimum growth, the roads and other infrastructure are built with a high level of expertise and equipment. The major Boulevards and streets are large and expansive, giving the area a lovely appearance.