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Overview of Ajman Farms

A new project in town by MAQQAM.COM giving a unique sense to the real estate market with its new concept of providing a diverse plan of farm houses. The Ajman Farms is a name of luxury land designated for agricultural setting. Ajman farms is offering a large number of farmhouses with a variety of options starting from 2 Kanal to 8 Kanal. It is a luxurious address of farmhouse living with all basic necessities and needs anyone is looking forward to. Ajman Farms is a brand-New Project at main Bedian Road, Lahore. A Place where You will be experiencing the lush green environment around your residence along with extravagance facilities. People of Ajman Farms will be enjoying their time away from the pollution and noises of city life. Its design is made feasible for investors and residents who need the flexibility of size of land so that they can enjoy luxury and peace at one place.

Ameneties Of Ajman Farms

Nearby Landmarks of Ajman Farms

Location of Ajman Farms

Facilities and Features of Ajman Farms

Ajman Farms has beautiful features that make it appealing to society to invest in this one-of-a-kind project. The projects associated with farm houses are distinct from those of typical commercial and residential designs. Farm houses give people a chance to relax and enjoy themselves in luxury in the space of their choice without having to worry about anything. Ajman Farms provides a map and design tailored to each social class. It has all of the necessary amenities for a stay, including high-end amenities that make it appealing to residents. This project includes attractive facilities in addition to providing basic necessities.

Developer and Owners of Ajman Farms

This project is inaugurated and developed by the MAQQAM.COM, an emerging real estate platform aiming to provide projects rare to find in Pakistan. MAQQAM.COM is known for its excellent presence in real estate market and variety of new projects. Apart from providing their real estate marketing information, MAQQAM.COM have launched a unique project known as Ajman Farms. The developers of Ajman Farms have planned this project carefully with variety of payment options for the investors. Their dedicated team is always available for their clients so that they don’t miss out on any piece of information related to any ongoing project.

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