Blue World City Awami Block Overview

Blue World City Islamabad is the first ever tourist-built city for the comfort of society. This huge project is earning fame and attention because of its variety of societal plans. Divided into many sectors and blocks, this biggest project of Blue World City has got everything for investors and residents who are seeking a comfortable and luxurious living. This project is designed beautifully and in such an ideal location that anyone can have easy access along with the benefit of a flexible lifestyle.

The Awami Residential Complex is a project that is built side-by-side with the Prime Minister and his scheme of the Naya Pakistan housing program. The Awami Residential Complex is an example of feasible and standard living. Awami Residential Complex is situated right in the Blue World City’s center and it is giving a new vibe to modern living. 

The Awami Residential Complex is designed for the middle class and lower class in a low-cost payment plan. So that it is easier for everyone to afford the property. It’s a private sector offering low budget and high-quality features in one sector. With the on growing economic crisis, it has become a little difficult to find something with the perfect location and full of necessary features. Blue World City provides from high-to-low and cheap to expensive, every sort of plan and opportunity for investors and residents. Awami Residential Complex is a modernized and economic society granting top-notch features at a reasonable cost for the comfort of investors and residents.

Awami Residential Complex Developers

The Awami Residential Complex is owned by the Blue Group of Companies (BGC) and the imperium Group of companies (IGC). It is Pakistan’s one of the largest and most diversified groups with numerous projects. It was started in 1989. This project by Saad Nazir is taking over by directing it in the right way and inaugurating many different projects like: 

Awami Residential Complex NOC

The Awami Residential Complex Blue World City is a completely legal project and it is approved by the Blue Media (TMA) housing scheme. Legal approval of residency is as important as a door to a room, without legal approval, it gets difficult to attract investors and residents to invest in a project or property. This project by Blue World City is approved and confirms a safe environment along with a low-cost payment plan.

Awami Residential Complex Location

The NOC of Blue World City was approved by the district council in December 2021. This luxurious and affordable society in Islamabad is making better opportunities for the citizens who are planning to live and invest here. Legally approved projects are automatically more considered and are trustworthy for investors.

Blue World City Awami Block File Verification

The official site of provides you with complete detail of the booking procedure and file verification process. To book a plot at Awami Residential Complex and register a profile, all the important information is mentioned on Makkaan’s website along with the payment plans. Overseas and locals can easily book these plots with one click. The following steps are required for Blue World City File Verification at Awami Residential Complex

Awami Residential Complex Plot Sizes

This project designed under the Naya Pakistan low-budget housing scheme is made essentially for the low-budget plans and made economic for investors. The plot sizes of the Awami Residential complex consist of beautiful apartments and different sizes of land. The famous Blue World City Orbital apartment is located in Awami Residential complex and it consists of excellent benefits and features.

Awami Residential Complex Features

Astonishing Amenities of Awami Residential Complex

What Makes Blue World City Awami Block the Best Society?

This block of Blue World City is very economic and low in price, planned and designed for the middle class and lower class of the country. It comes with all facilities and features just like any other society but at reasonable and affordable prices. Its Specialty is its customer-friendly project planning and its rates including the rate of returns. No other Blue World City project is as attractive as Awami Residential Complex because of its cost-effective options.

Let’s Conclude

Being a developing and economically struggling country, we tend to find ways for better opportunities, and finding an ideal home and residence comes on top of the list. A Blue World City is projecting tremendous housing societies and plans for the nation of Pakistan, giving all the luxurious amenities and way of lifestyle and that too very reasonable and affordable prices. The Blue World City Awami Block is among the top-class societies specially planned for the low-class group.

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