Blue World Trade Center Location:

What can be the most important thing you need to know while investing?
Yes! The Location!
The location of any trade center is one of the most questionable things in its master plan. It is easily accessible from the main G.T. Road, linked to all the familiar places of the twin cities. The venture’s goal is to promote eco-friendly city activities, which will benefit both the owner’s and the investors’ respective commercial goals. The Blue World Trade Center’s location benefits business entrepreneurs, investors, and trade industries. It is located on the main G.T road and connects all prime routes of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Because of its prime location, Blue World Trade Center will be the most visited place in the future. Its accessible site will divide the rush of visitors among other vertical shopping complexes. Being an accessible shopping complex, BWTC provides several facilities to its visitors and employees under the same roof. Its architecture includes work and entertainment at the same time. The payment plans of BWTC are user-friendly and easy to manage. It provides a four-year installment plan. To check the payment and installment plans, visit our website

The Strategic Location of BWTC:

Do you know location is the main focus of a journey or Trade?

The location of the business twin tower indicates that this excursion will play an outstanding role in both cities’ economic progress and business trends. The main focus of this journey is to promote environmentally-safe city activities, which will be profitable for both owners and investors with their respective commercial objectives.

It is located at Grand Trunk (GT) Road. Besides, it is linked to all the leading and reachable places of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Moreover, the project is established at the ideal locality, near DHA and Bahria Town Civic Center Islamabad, benefaction to industrial and residential moves within the city frontiers. This alluring revolution construction is also comfortably reachable from Islamabad and Rawalpindi due to its position on the Islamabad highway.

Nearby Location:

If you want to understand the significance of the location, you should be aware of the best routes to the destination!

The following prime routes are easily accessible to BWTC, which expands the value of the Blue World Trade Center.

  •  It is being constructed about 2 minutes from Bahria Town Hospital.
  •  From the PC Hotel Rawalpindi, BWTC is only 10 minutes away.
  •  The BWTC is only 40 minutes from the new airport.
  •  The BWTC is about 10 to 15 Minutes away from Rawalpindi Railway Station.
  •  It is accessible amid a network of Islamabad expressways and other high-speed roads.
  •  It is constructed on the GT road near DHA Islamabad

All such points/locations are the prime routes of the twin cities and are accessible to the high-rise tower of the Blue World Trade Center. This strategic location of Blue World Trade Center differentiates it from other high-rise commercials of Rawalpindi Islamabad.

BWTC- an Ease to Access Best Location and Residential:

Are you finding a place to work and stay in the same place?

If Yes! Then avail this facility under a single roof of Blue World Trade Center.

Blue World Trade Center not only provides facilities to entrepreneurs and investors but the residents as well. Its facility of loft apartments gives an uplifted lifestyle and modern luxuries of living to everyone. Its payment plans and installment packages are easier to avail. provides the whole payment plans for offices, residential, and commercial. The central and easily accessible location of the high-rise twin tower is beneficial for those who work around the place and want to stay near their workstations. They can save time and money by investing or availing of the residential at business twin tower. Here they can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

A Rundown of Floor-Wise Breakdown of BWTC:

The most visible tower in town is expected to be 500 feet tall with 29 stories. It includes the most dedicated and necessary parking in basements 1 and 2. This will provide people with completely secure parking. The shopping mall is expected to be located on the lower ground, ground, and first floors. All of the entertainment amenities, such as the food court and Play Area, are located on the second floor. The third and twenty-fifth floors are part of the Services Storey. The corporate offices are located on the fourth through sixteenth floors. The 17th floor is designated for Executive Chamber Offices. Corporate offices are again provided on the 18th to 22nd floors. The loft apartments are constructed on the 23rd and 24th. BWTC provides the opportunity to buy, rent, and investment using the following breakdown of floors.

Categories of FloorAllocated Sectors
Basements-1 & 2 Dedicated Car Parking
Lower Ground, Ground & 1st Floor Shopping Mall
2nd Floor Food Court & Play Area
3rd FloorServices Storey
4th till 16th Floor Corporate Offices
17th Floor Executive Chamber Offices
18th till 22nd FloorCorporate Offices
23rd & 24th Floor Loft Apartments
25th Floor Services Storey

BWTC- A Phenomenal Business Opportunity:

See how BWTC provides ample opportunity for investors and traders!

Blue World Trade Center is an excellent opportunity for investors and businessmen. The design of this complex vertical commercial facilitates and adds up the profitability to the owners and investors. Being a prominent business hub, BWTC is a platform for simultaneously expanding your business and product at the national and international levels. Its prime location benefits the real estate industry by boosting property business in Pakistan. 

The floor breakdown of this trade center illustrates the opportunity for local and foreign brands and companies to flourish. The Blue World Trade Center is a phenomenal and unique business opportunity for those who want to invest their money in a safe and profitable zone.

Ready To Approach your Destination:

Are you ready to achieve your dream? 

Your destination has been explained here!

Dream big and set your goals. The prime location from all meet-up points of twin cities will define your achievement. The Blue World Trade Center site will decide the route to your pursuit to achieve it quickly. Islamabad City, Rawalpindi City, and Bahria Town Islamabad Phase 8 are a few popular areas nearby. In addition, Rawalpindi Race Club, Mumtaz City, Capital Smart City, and Defense Housing Authority (DHA).

Try the payment packages to avail the best route to your Dream through

For further details contact us at UAN: 0331-1111049 or visit our website


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