Burj Al Arab Blue World City Islamabad Overview

The new project “Burj Al Arab Blue World City Islamabad”, Replica is a treat for the eyes of society and a great initiative for people who want a luxury lifestyle along with fun activities. The first ever purpose-built tourist city Blue World City Islamabad is growing strong and making its plans more effective by every coming day for investors and residents. 

The owner of this project Saad Nazir has hired and cast excellent architects and designers to make this beautiful plan’s execution perfect. The replica of this famous attraction is a commitment of owners to make it as beautiful as it is considered to be. This is a plus point for investors because of its attractive view of the Blue World City of Islamabad.

About Burj-Al-Arab

Burj-ul-Arab Hotel also known as “Towers of the Arabs” is the tallest 7-star hotel. Its unique design and shape portray the sail of the ship. This iconic tower was built for Dubai’s identity and it has become the brand of Dubai as well because whenever someone says Dubai, the first image that comes into mind is this iconic tower. Its key features include rooms and suites, services, restaurants, and much more in one building. Other than that, its services have gained quiet attention from tourists as well and it’s a preference for them to choose this as their stay.

Burj Al Arab Blue World City Islamabad

The grand opening ceremony of the Burj-Al-Arab Blue World City Islamabad was held on 19th July 2020. It’s designed and developed for the visualization and attraction of society. This project focuses completely on attracting people and gaining attention by providing the best entertainment facilities. This replica will be located at the Commercial Hub providing investors with many options affordable for them. All business and commercial features will be made available for investors. It’s a place with investment opportunities as well as a residence for its people. Not just limited to corporate offices but also offers some extra attractive amenities like gyms and spas, and also Second Cup Coffee at Blue World City Islamabad  will be inaugrated so that the community is not just bound to work and hustle.

Burj Al Arab Blue World City Islamabad Features

What makes Burj-Al-Arab Worth Investing In?

Located at the most anticipated project in Islamabad the Blue World City is this Replica of Burj-al-Arab. It’s just a random hotel but much more with a lot of amazing features for the enjoyment of society.


For the purpose of providing society with the best opportunities related to business and entertainment, a well-known infrastructure landmark with a beautiful architect is constructed known as Burj-Al-Arab. It’s a great place to put your best investments and spend money on high-end entertainment.

Blue World City as told before is going to be the most attractive society with multiple blocks such as Blue World City Overseas Block, Blue World City Awami Block, Blue World City General Block, Blue World City Waterfront Block, Blue World City Hollywood Block Blue World City Sports Valley Block. All these blocks have the same Blue World City File Verification process. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

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