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New City Paradise

New City Paradise Introduction
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New City Paradise Overview

This cutting-edge future home project New City Paradise is located near the Burhan Interchange at 330 feet G.T Road adjacent to CPEC Route, M-1 Motorway. It is a PHATA-approved housing project designed by New City Wah developers covering 4,256 Kanal. In addition to its first-class features and amenities, the project is a well-planned residential development.

Using the cutting-edge architectural design, innovative concepts are applied to communities, green developments, and the utilization of high-quality homes and products to understand these breathtaking natural views.

Situated in the heart of the New City Paradise community, New City Paradise, also called New City Phase 3, offers luxurious interiors, elegant surroundings, upscale amenities, and spacious residences. Having been constructed by the most reputable builders in Islamabad, this complex has access to the finest facilities. The project provides excellent investment opportunities by offering a selection of residential plots of different types at a reasonable price.

Owners and Developers of New City Paradise:

It’s good to share the reliable personalities who own this successful housing project, Mr. Chaudry Saad and Chaudry Qamar Zaman, the owners and developers of the housing scheme. Moreover, they have successfully signified their work with the achievement and high investment in their New City Wah project, which is divided into 2 phases, New City Phase 1 and Phase 2. The New City Wah is an exceptional and modern residing space that has already grasped the attention of all investors and future inhabitants. Now this new city housing project will become a new city phase 3.

Yes! New City Paradise developers are not coming at a slow pace; they are coming up with amazing infrastructure and a high-quality housing society that will help the investors and buyers make their dream living capacity around the locality of twin cities. Furthermore, as the developers assure, this grand project serves the investors with the best investment opportunities for commercial and residential facilities. That’s why investing here at pre-launch rates will be highly valuable and recommended.

Additionally, they are constructing the residential project modernly, giving the tenants all everyday living essentials. Diversity has been expressed in the housing portfolio as a desirable feature of a dream home.

New City Paradise NOC Status:

New City Paradise NOC Approved By PHATA
Every residential society needs authentic approval from respected authorities such as CDA or RDA. These authorities have the following rules that have to oblige by the organizations. NOC stands for NO Objection Certificate, which is received by the legal authorities; it is required because investors prefer to invest in trustworthy and reliable societies.

Moreover, procurers examine the verified documents and get detailed information. As the question is about this society whether is approved or not. For sure! The NOC-approved housing project will be offered soon to make this venture a sustainable and idyllic investment.

Furthermore, the Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA) has provided legal status to the new city paradise. With legal status, it will be rare for developers to provide a new residing space.

It is necessary to gain buyers’ and investors’ confidence and trust. The worth of such properties and housing ventures increases with time. Whereas for the long-term investment, it’s quite a great choice.

New City Paradise Location:

New City Paradise Location
Before investing in the real estate industry, buyers and investors must know where this project is. Is this society is best and most convenient for significant twin cities routes? All these questions are wondering in investors’ minds, so we provide the detail and new city paradise map location for all their concerned buyers and investors. It is accessible; the site is spotted on Islamabad M-1 Motorway, CPEC Route, only 0 km from Burhan Interchange. It is located in the Wah city of Punjab, which surrounds the Rawalpindi district, and is easily reachable from Grand Trunk Road.

The best thing is to invest in this project to be approachable from two ends, the one from M-1 Motorway and the other from Grand Trunk road. Moreover, the economic zones and well-known educational institutes will be nearby. Well-reputed neighborhood societies are also available in society surrounding.

New City Paradise Nearby Landmarks:

New City Paradise Nearby Places And Landmarks

Some of the accessible nearby landmarks & Places positioned on the New City Paradise Map

New City Paradise Accessible Routes:

The New City Paradise of Islamabad is accessible from different routes:

New City Paradise Master Plan:

With years of experience in the residential property industry, the highly professional and expert team designed the New Paradise City master plan. The team has the most proficient architect, engineers, and town planners with expertise in town construction planning. The total land area of Paradise City is almost 20,000 Kanal out of 4,256 Kanal will be approved shortly. All the major and luxurious amenities are significant parts of the project.

New City Paradise Payment Plan:

The plots for sale in New City Paradise are now available for booking at Plot prices will be determined and low for investors. Societies offer high prices, while New City Paradise offers meager prices. However, you can make significant profits if you invest at this time. New City Paradise offers affordable payment plans with easy installment schedules. Additionally, you can take advantage of the salver offer, which provides plots in bulk.

New City Paradise
Payment Plan of Residential Plot

Plot size Plot priceBooking Confirmation 36 Monthly Instalments4 Half Yearly InstallmentsBalloting PaymentAllotment
5 Marla 1,975,000230,000230,00021,50075,250220,000220,000
10 Marla 3,700,000443,750443,75041,000134,125400,000400,000
1 Kanal7,000,000843,750843,75078,125350,000550,000550,000

Paradise City currently offers a diverse range of residential plots for sale; for now, they offer plots at low prices and affordable plans with feasible installment packages. It is time to grab this fantastic opportunity.

New City Paradise Silent Features

Top Tier Amenities of New Paradise City:

New City Paradise Amenities

Some of the following mind-blowing facilities and amenities you can expect at Paradise City include:

Housing with Innovative Technology:

By introducing the concept of sustainable housing, New City Paradise strives to provide the highest quality living standards at the most competitive prices. In addition to smart homes and smart villas, the housing society offers innovative technology.

Ecologically Friendly:

Shortly, New City Paradise will begin operations and become an economic hub for the country and the region. Commercial centers in society will offer a variety of employment opportunities once they are fully operational.

Eco-friendly Environment:

New City Paradise Eco Friendly Environment
In contrast to other housing societies in Pakistan, New City Paradise features close-to-nature amenities and features. In addition to being a smart city, it is also an eco-friendly one. In collaboration with the owners, the designers have reserved a large land area for natural beauty. Additionally, the company offers hydroponic farms that require water for their process.

Availability of Water Resources:

New City Paradise Water Resources
Residents’ water needs have been considered in the project’s design. Residents can use a large amount of water for daily chores by storing it in water reservoirs.

Hub for Business and Commerce:

New City Paradise Business hub and commerce
The developers have met all economic and business needs. Therefore, the project will provide a complete commercial area. Residents from these areas can meet all commercial markets within the project.

Project Security:

For a housing project to be successful, there must be a sense of safety. CCTV cameras and other surveillance equipment installed precisely and checked out seven days a week, and 24 hours a day, will provide all-inclusive security to the local population. Moreover, the project offers a foolproof wall to provide optimum safety.

Multiple Entrances:

New City Paradise Multiple Entrance

There are two independent entrances to New City Paradise. In addition to the main entrance on Grand Truck Road (G.T), a second entrance on the M-1 Highway. Motorway access will facilitate the entry of people from faraway cities into society. Furthermore, residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi will have easy access to the site via G.T. Road. There will also be two entrances to maintain traffic flow and prevent jams at the main entrance.

Gymnasiums and Sports Facilities:

New City Paradise Gym And Sports
Developing various sports facilities and grounds will provide sports enthusiasts with a functioning and well-equipped sports hub. The New City Developers plan to construct a long tennis court, a basketball court, a cricket stadium, and many other amenities. An international standard mini golf course will also be included in the society. A football field and bicycle tracks are available in the community.

Development of International Standards:

All international standards of development will develop this society. Throughout New City Paradise, smart homes and villas are equipped and constructed with smart features and functions.

Booking Information for New City Paradise:

There is no good time to invest in New City Paradise than now, as the society is currently in the pre-launch phase. Currently, the prices are very affordable, but they are likely to increase after the official launch. Whenever you would like to inquire about New City Paradise, please do not hesitate to contact We can help you find the best investment opportunity for you. Furthermore, we will also help you to book your plot in this society.

Procedures for Booking:

New City Paradise Booking a Plot Procedure
To book your plot in New City Paradise, please follow the steps below:

Documents Required:

For the booking of a plot in New City Paradise, the following required documents are:

Certificate of Allotment for New City Paradise:

New City Paradise allotment certificates are distributed periodically by management, but we suggest you keep in touch when that happens.

New City Paradise Possession Allotment

We are in the process of declaring the possession policies regarding the upcoming city paradise allotment to our valued customers with all the necessary details.

Transfer Procedure of New City Paradise

For any questions related to the transfer procedure of new city paradise, please visit the new city paradise official website, but the anticipated transfer procedure is as follows:
New City Paradise Transfer Procedure

Balloting for New City Paradise:

The balloting for New City Paradise conducts in several stages. If you experience any hurdles or have questions, contact New City Paradise directly at their contact number or contact us at UAN: 0331-1111049.

Results of the New City Paradise Balloting

It is easy to obtain the results of the new city paradise balloting by visiting the official website of the new city paradise. You can also contact directly.

Application for New City Paradise:

New City paradise Application can be downloaded from the official website and submitted on the website. However, you should consult with management to make sure everything is understood.

Documents to be submitted with the application

Applicants have to submit the following documents with their application:

Membership form for New City Paradise:

Contact New City Paradise officials or to verify the authenticity of the membership form.

Registration form for New City Paradise: or New City Paradise’s official contact can provide you with the registration form.

Charges for the development of New City Paradise:

Contact the New City Paradise customer support center for information about development charges. In addition to development charges, the new city paradise’s payment plan also includes development charges, which is an unwise decision by the developers.

What makes New City Paradise a Wise Investment?

Why Invest in New City Paradise
A few of the main reasons to invest in New City Paradise are listed below:

An Affordable Housing Project

New City Paradise is much more affordable than other housing projects in this area. The plot prices are very reasonable and provide luxurious facilities.

Convenient location

New City Paradise’s strategic location will make it an economic hub in the future. In addition to its excellent location, there is also a wide variety of routes and entrances for access. Furthermore, it is conveniently accessible from major highways such as the G.T. Road, the CPEC route, and the M-1 and M-2 motorways.

Experienced Developers

The developer of New City Wah has been serving the real estate sector of Pakistan for over two decades. Also, they have completed several residential and commercial projects in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

PHATA Approved Society

The management of the society has already submitted the required documents to the RDA for approval. According to the approval status, New City Paradise has already been approved by PHATA. The project has been approved for 4,256 acres, but it will likely extend into the future.

New City Paradise: Pros and Cons

New City Paradise Pros and Cons
As with every real estate project, New City Paradise has both advantages and disadvantages. However, in the case of New City Paradise, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. Some of the following pros and cons of society are mentioned below:

Pros of Paradise City

Cons of Paradise City

Let’s Wrap Up:

There is no doubt that New City Paradise is a truly unique and exciting development that will offer residents a wide range of world-class features and amenities. Check out New City Paradise if you want a new home with innovative features and an easy installment plan.

If you want any assistance or help regarding New City Paradise, visit us at

To book plots and to know about the payment plans of New City Paradise, contact us via Whatsapp or Call.