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New Metro City Gujar Khan

new metro city gujar khan
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New Metro City Gujar Khan Intro

Let’s wrap the news into a gift, yes! The developers are launching the upcoming New Metro City Gujar khan project. The well-known developer already has a significant portfolio in the real estate industry; no one can deny or neglect to get the most profitable opportunity. After the successful establishment of the BSM project of the new metro city of khariyan, the developers are not coming at a slow pace.
The developer aims to launch more thrilling and exciting facilities and amenities in contrast with the last project new Metro City Khariyan. At the same time, the BSM developers aim to refine and make this project more vibrant in Rawalpindi district Gujar khan. The project’s key features are location and an affordable payment plan; well-known developers are worth enough to invest in this project.

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Whereas one more exciting thing is the district of Rawalpindi, which is easily accessible from Gujar khan to Rawalpindi. This project probably offers Parks, community centers, kids’ play areas, and refreshment spots. Moreover, the new Metro city Gujar khan will have a serene edge wall under automatic security and CCTV scrutiny.

New Metro City Gujar Khan Owner and Developers:

BSM developers are coming to the forefront because of their historically successful, well-developed projects. The most reputed and well-known developer and CEO of New Metro City Gujar Khan owner, Mr. Bilal Bashir Malik, is the grandson of Malik Riaz. The CEO and owner of BSM, Mr. Bilal, is closely examining and ensuring the layout plan, architectural design, and master plan and will soon be monitoring the development progress. In the series of real estate projects, they are now successfully initiating the 3rd project in Gujar Khan. Here we discuss a brief introduction of Mr. Bilal “he aims to create a new luxurious project and continue the successful business tradition of his forefather. New metro city Gujar khan authorized dealer; their ancestors get fame because of the accomplishment of their trustworthy and successful projects. Their innovative ideas, market analysis, and keen observation significantly contribute to the real estate industry. They are determined to provide shelter to every class of the community. How we neglect to introduce the trustworthy partners, Mr. Zaroon Masood, the Executive Director Partner of New Metro City Gujar Khan, are struggling together to achieve their dream accomplished.

New Metro City Gujar Khan Legal NOC Status:

new metro city gujar khan noc

It is true any residential society takes relatively time to get approval from the concerned authority. In contrast, not get worried while investing in New Metro City Gujar khan NOC is approved by RDA. The question is, what is NOC? No Objection Certificate, it is necessary to get approval from RDA or CDA for societies; it will be approved in that case once the whole community should follow the respective rules. It will become NOC approved project soon.
Meanwhile, if we are talking about a metro city, the required documents are submitted to the concerned authorities until or unless legal formalities are in process. TMA (Tehsil Municipal Authority) looks into submitted documents and legal policies. New Metro City Gujar Khan NOC status is going to be vibrant soon.
The approved societies have a greater chance of getting a handsome profit. The final confirmation of NOC updates will be shared soon on our official webpage.

New Metro City Gujar Khan Location:

New Metro City Gujar Khan Location

Location is essential; from all perspectives, the first thing about any residential sector is its location. Where is the society situated? For all these concerns, as Gujar khan is the district (tehsil) of Rawalpindi it’s a pretty mesmerizing project for both the Rawalpindi locals and Gujar khan inhabitants. The new metro city Gujar Khan Map is easily reachable by visitors and inhabitants. Easily accessible to approach, located at main G.T road, it’s just 3km away from Gujar Khan while moving to Lahore.
Several accessible routes make it more valuable and worthy; the New Metro City Gujar Khan location is reasonably accessible to reach from the following ways.
Located at main Grand Trunk road Gujar Khan

Nearby Places and Landmarks New Metro City Gujar Khan:

The venture is accessible to reach by following nearby landmarks and places.

The Master plan of New Metro City:

New Metro City Gujar Khan Master Plan
The new metro city master plan was designed, planned, and developed by a highly experienced professional. The allocated area spread on the map is 4,000 Kanal. The concerned management awaits to share the final layout scheme of the new metro city Gujar khan. New metro city Gujar khan plot for sale offers residential and commercial properties in different price ranges in both regions. New Metro city Gujar khan commercial plots for sale with an affordable payment plan. The society offers a wide range of fields; at the moment, the community is in its initial phase, and the master plan is going to be released by the management. Further details about the project will be shared side by side.

New Metro city Gujar Khan Payment plan:

It’s good to announce that the new metro city payment plan is broken down into affordable down payments and easy installment schedules. As the society master plan is not released yet and at the initial phase, the plots offer at the lowest rates. The management and organization paid particular attention to a price plan that is conveniently affordable for investors and buyers even though the salaried person should be capable of getting the piece of land and availing the golden investment opportunity.

Payment plan of New Metro City Gujar Khan Residential Plots:

Plot size Total price Down payment 24 Monthly Ins 1st balloting payment within 4 month2nd Balloting payment within 12 monthAt Balloting
5 Marla 1,990,000450,00023,750290,000290,000390,000
7 Marla 2,790,000550,00040,400390,000390,000490,000
10 Marla 3,790,000750,00048,750590,000590,000690,000
1 Kanal6,990,0001,050,000111,250990,000990,0001,290,000

Premium category Residential Plots payment plan

Plot size Total price Down payment 24 Monthly Ins 1st balloting payment within 4 month2nd Balloting payment within 12 monthAt Balloting
8 Marla 3,290,000490,00046,250550,000550,000590,000
14 Marla 5,290,000790,00069,500890,000890,0001,050,000

Payment plan of New Metro City Gujar Khan Commercial plots

Plot size Total price Down payment Confirmation within 6 days30 Monthly Ins. Balloon PaymentAt Balloting
2.66 Marla (20×30)4,750,000950,000290,00059,000590,0001,150,000
5 Marla (30×40) 9,750,0001,750,000490,000155,600990,0001,850,000

Is this society worthy enough to invest in?

Trustworthy Owners:

New Metro city Gujar khan owners are enough to make this place more reliable and trustworthy. People won’t get trust when society’s owners and developers have a shady past; Mr. Bilal, the grandson of Mr. Malik Riaz, a most reputed personality with the accomplishment of a successful venture. The grand project of the Bahria Town series, in multiple cities, makes history in the real estate industry. A tremendous achievement of Bilal steel mills, Gawadar Golf city, and the new metro city Kharian is pretty enough to invest in this housing scheme. They offer the best source of expertise, knowledge, and resources for their projects by taking a positive attitude to every opportunity.

New Metro City Gujar Khan booking process:

New Metro City Gujar Khan plot booking can be made through the following tentative procedure:
United Bank Limited 
Askari Bank Limited

Procedure to reserve a new metro city Gujar Khan plot for sale:

In the era of modern IT, you can download the application form from their official website. But the following tentative documents with the application form are essential. 

New Metro city file Transfer procedures:

Exciting Features and Amenities:

The new metro city Gujar khan provides modern facilities and amenities at cost-effective rates. The facilities are part of any lavish contemporary multi-purpose project that could be characterized as ample real estate.
new metro city gujar khan Exciting Features and Amenities

Salient Features of New Metro City Gujar Khan:

A wide range of exclusive features that only New Metro City offers in Gujar khan.

Key points that should be kept in mind while procuring or selling of plot:

Following are the strategies to follow:

Documents verification:

To get complete satisfaction, please ensure to verify all the documents to avoid misunderstanding and miscommunication. Before purchasing or selling any property, inquire about the NOC and approval document by the developers duly approved by the authorities.

Site Visit:

After the security of documents, ensure that the written record is under the plot specification while purchasing any plot or property site visit.

Financial security:

Before the conclusion of any purchase or sale of property, please ensure your funds align with your acquisitions plan. This way, your purchase or sale will be signed without issue.

Benefits of property investment:

As all we know, property investment is one of the most profitable businesses. Because an excellent investment strategy gives you the best return on investment. Before investing in any real estate sector, the important thing is that the project should be well-known, trustworthy, and conducted correctly to get a high profit. Avail the opportunity to get exciting benefits from real estate investment.

Regular income:

If a person can earn a suitable income, he should step hurriedly to invest in real estate. They can buy a property; after accomplishment, they can put it on rent and get the monthly based income through property assets. Under legal documents, the rent should be increased after every year by some percentage. It is quite an excellent way to get a good amount every month.


The investor should be alert and attentive on the property once the investment is concluded. The maximum twice-in-month visit is important until or unless you become assured to invest in safe hands.

Passive returns:

Once someone has invested in real estate property, passive income is assured in the form of rent. Investors can buy open land and then rent it out; they can also buy a developed property it’s quite a steady source of generating an uninterrupted amount thoroughly.

Non-depreciable Asset:

Investment in the real estate sector is quite risky, but once you invest in safe hands, you will never lose its value once done right. It’s true! Real estate value always increases every year. And if some significant government or project started its vicinity, the value may increase multiple times. 

The latest announcement of New Metro City Gujar Khan:

The new metro city Gujar khan was launched in July 2022. Clear news will soon be announced in the coming g months; a current development is balloting the plots that were accompanied in August 2022. The new metro city also offers an accessible way to submit your payment via an online link; the following steps are mentioned on their official site. Official management could avail of the possession policy announced for plots in New Metro City Gujar Khan.


Now the great thing is happening beyond your expectation. With the provision of all features, New Metro City revolutionizes the tenure of residential society’s series in Gujar Khan. Since once development begins, the prices will increase automatically. Investors prepare themselves to get a higher reward in fewer investment plans. A lifetime isn’t forever; avail the opportunity and book your plot today. 

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