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Qurtaba City Islamabad

Qurtaba city Islamabad
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Qurtaba City Islamabad Overview

Qurtaba City Islamabad is a society with a vision of bringing along religious values and customs for people. Giving the essence of peace and knowledge by providing unique facilities to society, it portrays itself as one of the best and most peaceful living societies. Making it eccentric and different from every other society, it focuses on providing a completely independent environment with fully artistic amenities.

Qurtaba city comes up with features like a pre-installed fiber optic network, excellent security services, and much more. Also known as Madinat-ul-ilm, a no-profit-no-loss company inaugurated with SECP (Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan). The creators of this project are renowned Islamic scholars, business tycoons, and different leaders from all over the country aiming to make this society extraordinary and different from others.

Qurtaba city Islamabad projects focus on demonstrating the value of brotherhood and equality along with the focus on providing communal facilities. Situated near the Chakri Interchange, Qurtaba city Islamabad has an ideal location for investors and residents.

About Qurtaba City Islamabad

This enchanting project Qurtaba city is located near Chakri interchange under the jurisdiction of TMA Potohar Town, also approved by the officials. Surrounded by the charming neighborhood among the 2 rivers of Sill and Sawan is Qurtaba city Islamabad. It is commonly known and considered for its prosperous environment and location and investors are eager to explore this beautiful project. Qurtaba city’s focus of delivering Islamic values through this real estate project in Pakistan is an excellent initiative to benefit a unique lifestyle requirement on daily basis. Qurtaba city is wholly based on giving a standard lifestyle and luxury environment to its residents.

Developers and Owners of Qurtaba City Islamabad

The Qurtaba city project is a plan initiated and developed by Madinatul-ilm. It’s a No-loss, No Profit organization which is registered with Pakistan’s Securities and Exchange Commission. With the mixture of Islamic and Cultural necessities, the owners of Qurtaba city give a promising image of this society. The aim of Developers is to provide a place where religious practices are not neglected and the community doesn’t get affected as well.

Qurtaba City: Madinatul-Ilm

Its a No-profit, no- Loss based company affiliated with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan under section 42 of the companies ordinance 1984.By providing cutting-edge facilities for education and research, their aim is to provide a space where the Muslim community can flourish and live according to their values.

Qurtaba City Islamabad Location

The Qurtaba city Islamabad is located in beautiful and scenic surroundings. Situated adjacent to the Motorway and close to Chakri interchange at the Potohar valley, just 30 mins drive from the airport with the scenic background of Margalla hills is Qurtaba city. Its access to the city is convenient, along with a stunning location. The accessibility of this project makes it worth living in, as it also connects with Rawalpindi Saddar via Dhamial road.

Qurtaba Location

Qurtaba City Islamabad Map

Qurtaba city Islamabad is situated at the stunning Potohar Valley, among the two beautiful rivers near Khairi Moorat hills. Furthermore, this Project is located 25 mins away from Islamabad International Airport. This enchanting project is located near Fateh Jang and Dhamiyal road.

Qurtaba City Master Plan

Shaped into its best form by experts and a team full of proficiency in the Real Estate field Qurtaba city Islamabad master plan makes it easier and more accessible for everyone by encompassing a variety of programs and projects. Whether residential or commercial, they provide plot sizes starting from a minimum of 5 Marlas to Kanal. Giving their society luxurious facilities and amenities. The focal point is to spread knowledge by delivering religious and modern study systems in a vast land area. A well-planned commercial area of markets is built in sectors and block areas, not just that.

Still, there is also liberty for entrepreneurs and businessmen to be surrounded by commercial areas. Qurtaba City Islamabad Housing Scheme Islamabad provides 138, 272, and 500 square-yard residential plots for purchase through installment plans and cash.

Qurtaba City Master Plan

Accessibility/Nearby Landmarks

Qurtaba City Islamabad NOC

The Qurtaba city Islamabad’s NOC (No objection certificate) is approved by RDA (Rawalpindi development authority). Making it safe and easier for investors to indulge in this project. To avoid scams, recommends investing in trusted housing projects. Rawalpindi Development Authority has control over Qurtaba City. Residential projects that have been approved are more likely to succeed and will deliver their properties faster.
Qurtaba City NOC

Why Qurtaba City Islamabad is Called a Digital City?

Qurtaba City Islamabad is another name for digital innovations in the real estate market. This project is known for its excellence in providing technology at the doorstep. This project is facilitating its community with Public Internet Services, security services, a digital transport system, environmental & hygiene protection, and fiber optics services. Unlike most of the other societies, Qurtaba City Islamabad plans to deliver its individuals with pre-built fiber optic connections and other countless accommodations.

Digital Efficiency

Fiber optic

 First residential project where from the beginning, fiber optic cable is laid to the doorsteps. An essential for everyone when they move into a society is availability of internet and Qurtaba city provides it without any extra hassles

Public internet services:

 Qurtaba city facilitates everyone with the X-Wi-Fi service which offers them quick connectivity with the internet as they enter Qurtaba city society. It’s a unique way of making a connection with their residents and community and also an attractive amenity making it easier for everyone to have productive access wherever they go in Qurtaba City.

Security Services

 Whether it is electric tagging at the entrance of vehicles or any other digital security, Qurtaba city ensures its people to make it completely safe for residents and all individuals. Residents of Qurtaba will have their cars secured with equipment that is placed with their permission. Only people given access will be allowed to enter their vehicle at the parking area.

Digital Transport System

The very first public transport facility which allows people to see all the details through one touch. A System where vehicles will be connected to the internet, and it will let people share live locations and manage the payments digitally as well. The bus’s live location will be visible on the screen of a mobile phone for those standing at the stop, saving them the hassle of waiting.

Modern History of Qurtaba City Islamabad

Modern History of Qurtaba
Qurtaba, is derived from CORDOBA, a city in southern Spanish region of Andalusia, and the capital of the province of Córdoba. Cordoba was famous for being a great Islamic center in the middle ages. It was a major Islamic state once consisting of an immense mosque, which later became a church. It is home to noteworthy examples of Moorish architecture, such as the Cordoba Great Mosque, which is now a church and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984. CORDOBA has the most world heritage sites in the world.

Cordoba was conquered by the Muslims in 711 or 712. Unlike other Iberian cities, the surrender was not signed, but the position was taken by storm. Córdoba, in turn, was under direct Arab rule. New Umayyad commanders settled in the city, and in 716, it became the capital of a province subordinate to the Caliphate of Damascus, replacing Seville. In Arabic, he was known as قرطبة (Qurtuba). This cosmic history is also the reason of Qurtaba city’s major concern of spreading Islamic values and customs.

Qurtaba City Diversified Projects

Qurtaba City Islamabad is providing all essentials and top notch facilities for its society whether it is providing daily basics, education, shopping, entertainment, hospitals or markets. Qurtaba city’s diversified projects solely are evidence of its excellence in the Real estate project.


Qurtaba city is known for its excellence in providing a peaceful environment and facilities for its society and individuals. This project, ‘Aghosh,’ is inaugurated as an act of kindness for society, giving a message of humanity. Our religion Islam tells us to be kind and treat each other humanely and for that Qurtaba city took the initiative of building an orphanage center for public services, a place where a healthy and peaceful environment is given to orphans along with the best education potential. Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has promised a fellowship in paradise for the one who cares for orphans. Qurtaba city Islamabad’s this project ensures and promises to give a safe and peaceful environment to all orphan boys and girls and make their living full of love and nourishment. It’s an addition to the appealing projects by Qurtaba City, which makes it different from other projects


The residential area of Qurtaba city is designed and manufactured beautifully with numerous facilities and attractions for the society. Its structure is a masterpiece and includes underground electricity system, Separate parks, schools, markets and mosques for every sector. Its modern architect portrays the message of peace and knowledge. There are minimum 40-foot-wide roadways available in addition to inter-block roads that are 300, 200, and 100 feet wide. The Road infrastructure of Residential block is wide and aligned with aesthetic design


 Providing all the best amenities and services to the community in every area is the aim of Qurtaba city commercial sector. In Qurtaba city, an infrastructure for multilevel market is being planned and soon to be built around the other societal areas. The commercial area is not limited to just banks, financial institutes, international brands in business center but the feasibility of the goods and services which every individual need for a living is apportioned. The focus of its commercial project is to provide facilitation to community who want to have a workspace as well as a standard living style.

Jamia Masjid Qurtaba:

The most beautiful and essential part of our living in any society is mosque. As mentioned in hadith ‘whoever builds a mosque his house will be built in paradise’. Among Pakistan’s 5 largest. One of Pakistan’s five largest Masajids, is Jamia Masjid. A vibrant structure of Jamia masjid is accomplished. The main Jamia masjid Qurtaba is built at 190 Kanals (80,000 Sq. meters). Besides main Jamia masjid, sector mosques are there as well. It is beautifully designed and incredibly planned out project. Qurtaba Jamia Masjid is surrounded by beautiful hills of Potohar , which gives a very scenic view.

Qurtaba International University:

‘An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. The modern history of Qurtaba city Islamabad plan makes its unique in terms of knowledge and diversity in modern sciences. This background is an inspiration for Qurtaba International University, which occurs at 872 canals and right at the heart of societal area. The magnificent and stunning structure of Qurtaba International university aims to introduce a new breed of intelligent and skilled individuals in Pakistan. Departments like Islamic Studies, Sociology, Medicinal and Engineering Sciences will be provided by university at specialization level.


 An exceptionally noble project of Dar-Ul-Hifz is basically a project where fully digitalized memorization of the Quran is promised for every child. The Reward of Hafiz e Quran is promised by ALLAH in this world and the hereafter. This initiative by Qurtaba city is a proof of their concern for its society and individuals.

Qurtaba International Hospital

Constructed at 200 kanals ‘Qurtaba International hospital’ assures to facilitate the best healthcare and all clinical services. The accessibility of latest machines and technology is available at all healthcare units of Qurtaba international Hospital. Following extensive utilities are provided here like:


To maintain the prosperity and environment of Society, Qurtaba City Islamabad has built attractive amenities like Parks and playgrounds for amusement. A certain number of amusement and picnic points for its residents are being built at Qurtaba City Islamabad project.

Qurtaba City Islamabad Blocks:


The residential block of Qurtaba city is well designed with a creative architect making it attractive for residents and investors. Constructed at a land size of 500,27 and 138 square yards making it an extensive block with luxurious amenities. The residential block is a masterpiece for those looking for a peaceful environment along with fully amended facilities. Every sector and block have its own mosques, parks, schools and stores. These feasible essentials are necessary for individuals to get attracted to and start a life in there.


The Qurtaba city commercial block has its own source of attraction by being located at an ideal location and giving its society everything at their doorsteps. This block is planned in a way that it provides the residents all the facilities and attractions. A suitable number of stores, shopping mall and market place is built in the commercial block of Qurtaba city.

Qurtaba City Islamabad Features

Appealing Amenities of Qurtaba City Islamabad

Qurtaba City Development Update:

Qurtaba city project is speeding up and the work done is quiet progressive. The following projects are under progress and has made quite a change.

Qurtaba City Payment Plan

Qurtaba City Residential Plots Payment Plan

Residential Plots02 YEARS PAYMENT SCHEDULEDown PaymentQuarterly
Plot SizeTotal Price20%Installments
5 Marla2,500,000500,000250,000
10 Marla3,500,000700,000350,000
1 Kanal5,000,0001,000,000500,000

Qurtaba City Commercial Plots Payment Plan

Plot SizeTotal Price20% Down PaymentQuarterly InstallmentsOut Standing Amount
8 Marla12,000,0002,400,0001,200,0009,600,000
5.33 Marla5,330,0001,066,0005,33,0004,264,000

Booking Procedure at Qurtaba City Islamabad

To book a plot in Qurtaba city Islamabad, the following documents are required:


Qurtaba City, a diversified project full of luxuries and amenities offers door-to-door services and feasibility for its residents. Located at an ideal location in Islamabad, Qurtaba city commits to giving the best possible features in their project. encourages and uplifts you to invest at Qurtaba City Islamabad.