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Taj Residencia

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I was a bit nervous about buying a plot in Islamabad since I was overseas for the entire process. guided me step-by-step, made sure I knew what to expect, and gave me expert advice. Overall, the plot buying process was seamless and stress-free. Thanks to team for helping us find our new home.


Taj Residencia seems to be one of the best ideal locations, for your ideal living standard in Islamabad. This company is well known for its ability to present the extraordinarily advanced era of technology, by carrying out the profitable project.
Their success demonstrated an appropriate representation which exemplifies its proven success in the form of Centaurus Mall and the premium housing development gives you the impression to fulfill your dreams with the luxury lifestyle, but their project Taj Residencia Islamabad is guaranteed to provide the amazing living standard. After the Successful project of Centaurus mall, their aim is to provide you now the residential project at much better rates.

Owners and developers of Taj Residencia:

The owner and developer of the Taj residencia initiated from Iraq, ‘’The Sardar Group of Companies’’ used to dealt with the automotive industry by renting and trading vehicles. After the successful business, they decided to invest in Pakistan on construction projects. They established the new project Taj Residencia Islamabad, the motto with, Live your dreams. Their entire project is to fulfill the demands of the residents, by providing a meticulous living standard and they want to maintain their high standard with splendid services and high-end features.

Taj Residencia Location:

Taj residencia’s location and its impressive society make it more attractive to provide an opportunity for high and profitable investment. It is located at the Bhata Road which is centrally positioned in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. If you get disturbed by the hustle and bustle life then you have the superior and best opportunity is taj Residencia. Their aim is to provide a meticulous housing society in the capital neighborhood. It is closely located in sector I-14 CDA Islamabad.

This project is upheld by the RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority), but it is near Islamabad territory, the main entry point of this project is linked with the roads I-14 and I-15. For the Taj Residencial society and the installment plans, 10,000 Kanal land RDA has been approved.

Access to reach:

The following access to reach easily at Taj residencia point.

Closed places and Landmarks:

The most closed places and the landmarks situated in the society, are as follow:

NOC of Taj Residencia:

Taj Residencia NOC

The project of taj residencia is permitted by the Rawalpindi Development Authority, (RDA), the No Objection Certification is allowed to make their plan established, and start working on the development process, and legalization of any society is more important for residence’s trust.

Details of Taj Residencia Project:

Taj residencia offered the different kinds of plots, all have the amazing location, standard sizes, the park Infront sites, the main Boulevard, the impressive corner sides. You can get the one you want, all have the amazing aspects, taj residencia plot for sale with amazing and affordable installments. They also offered the well-erected Dreams Villas, its well-established ready-to-live kinds of villas provided by the Taj residencia. The boulevard and corner positions command a 15% premium on well-constructed dream villas, whereas the park-Infront site commands a 10% premium on dream villas.

Different categories of dream villas they offered according to your choice:

Lavish Dream Villas:

Taj Residencia Lavish Villas

The exquisite and most lavish ready-to-live dreams villa, provide you to fulfill your dreams, their elegant design and features create a sense of luxury for the residents of these villas, and the taj society provides the meticulous with amazing amenities. There are three to five-bedroom size villas available, all having stunning features, spacious living areas, kitchen, and bathroom. Professional architect, construct and design these villas with mind-blowing functionality and great features with monitoring security measures. Earthquake resilient villas also provide to be safe and secure. No doubt, this project provides a luxurious lifestyle with modern facilities at reasonable rates.

Here are the following different sizes of lavish dream villas, up to your standard

Blue Bell Taj Residencia:

The advanced version bluebell block was recently added to the Taj Residencia housing scheme. Their great feature is to provide residential plots at low-priced rates.
The plot sizes are:

Taj Residencia payment plan:

Taj’s company provides the upscale standard convinces payments plan with affordable installments plans, for the booking procedure, only 20% down payment should be paid then 10 quarterly installments of the rest amount. The first installments are not to be due for the following 6 months. The broad phase 1 is completely divided into many blocks. The detailed information about the Taj Residencia Payment plan with the plot sizes is mentioned, the highlighted ones are 10 Marla, 14 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal.

Taj Residencia 2.5 years payment plans of Residential and commercial plots.

Payment plan Residential (2.5 years installments plan)

Commercial (2.5 years installments plan)

Taj Residencia 1.5 years Payments plans of Residential and commercial plots

The other thing, that if you paid the total amount then 6% discount will be applied. If you want the category plot like park Infront, boulevard, and the corner plot then a 10% additional amount is required to be paid.

Residential (1.5 years installments plan)

Commercial (1.5 years installments plan)

Payment plan of 3.5 Marla plot:

The demand for Taj residencia 3.5 Marla plot on a high peak, its convincing and affordable installment seems to be different from other societies, taj residencia 3.5 Marla plot price is reasonable, and the perfect choice for household consumers. Avail this chance to book your plot and secure your place in a meticulous and tranquil taj’s place.

Payment plan 5 Marla plot installment plans

Payment plan 8 Marla’s plot installment plans

Seven Wonders City General Block:

For the main boulevard and the corner, locations plot the additional 15% cost should be paid, also for the booking of park Infront villas, an additional 10% cost is required to pay.

Development of Taj Residencia

Currently, the developmental process of taj residencia, from eleven the out of four becomes upheld and reached their destination phase. These four blocks are developed and named blocks A, B, C, and D. Their foremost aim, is that people will start to live within a year in developed blocks. The taj company is going to speed up its developmental procedure, they want to establish an excellent example for the future investors and residents, for their upcoming projects.

Facilities and mesmerizing amenities:

The Sardar group of companies made this project up to date, and ensure to facilitate all of the basic and luxurious environment to their residents. Their project aim is to provide the modern and exclusive amenities that no one other society could offer such amenities at reasonable rates.

Modernize infrastructure:

This society is accompanied to provide a sustainable transport system for all residents, like the separate way for the pedestrian, motorists, and also for the cyclist. They are stable with the high-tech infrastructure of transport, to give the residents the freedom and a safe environment.

Safari Park:

The organization is to provide the different living standards by providing them with natural green foliage, like never before you have experienced this kind of living style.

Centaurus Mall 2

Taj residencia Islamabad is again looking forward to planning Centaurus Mall 2, after the successful project in Islamabad site, A good vicinity for the inhabitants to shop for both international brands or domestic just on the walking place.

Lavish 5-Star hotel:

Taj Residencia 5 Star Hotel
The company also planned to develop a splendid appearance 5-star lavish hotel, that will be perfect glance for the residents, it’s set up and amenities like the international standard and effective rates.

Horse Riding Club:

Taj Residencia Horse Riding Club
The elite riding club will offer an international-based and unique opportunity for horse riding, for those who like to take horse riding and residents will surely feel the classic lifestyle. The horse becomes trained by world-class trainers.

Magnificent Mosque:

The religious is the foremost part of any society, the society developer, builds a grand Jamia Mosque for the residents to make a strong relationship with the creator of the whole universe. To facilitate all residents by providing them advance technologies.

Botanical Garden:

Taj Residencia Garden
To enhance the beauty of the society the botanical garden emerges its beauty because the fresh green environment will provide a breath-taking view, the healthy society itself proves the healthy friendly environment and active lifestyle.

State of Eye shaped park:

Taj Residencia Eye Shaped Park
The intriguing idea of the human eye-shaped park will emerge its beauty more, enjoy the eco-friendly environment and spend quality time with your loved ones with flexible amenities.

Royal Club:

This place presents to take care of your health and fitness, health comes first spend your royal time with friends and family, their taste of buds will emerge with exquisite meal get the royal experience with taj’s society.

Shopping malls and commercial hubs:

Taj Residencia Shopping Mall
On a few distances, the commercial area is located at the main square, a wonderful, high-tech, modernized shopping mall, and commercial hub, the taj’s offers the best on the demands of their residents’ basic requirements.

Sports complex:

Taj Residencia Sport Complex
The sports complex provides you the chance to come up with your inner athlete abilities, it’s not bound for such age groups. This area is well equipped with physical fitness facilities and much more.

Pros and cons


Luxury Residence:

Taj Residencia Islamabad offers you a world-class, desirable lifestyle with high-tech advanced amenities. Get the chance to earn more by investing in the taj residencia with multiple benefits. This society will surely award you the luxury of living in peace and a soothing environment.

Immediate passion through down payment:

After the completion of down payments, the immediate possession of the plot facility is available that you can start the construction work and fulfill your dream, you can plan everything you want for your ideal house that is surely your right, so Taj’s residencia installments plans provide the most mesmerizing facility to invest without any regret.

Organized map and construction plan:

The map is organized according to all convinces and preplanned structure. The residents will get access to reach all within walking distance. The hospitals, playgrounds, educational institutes, pharmacies, health care centers, grocery stores all things will be accessible to reach. Taj residencia reviews also suggest that people are very keen observers for buying anything just provide the scenario to get what they want, just to make their life easier and comfortable.

Proximity to Airport and Hospital:

All the basic facilities come first in society, but the taj organized a map thoughtfully that in emergency cases the hospital also near to reach, and the arrivals and departure of the flites, could be reachable at the international airport, within just the driving route of 5 to 10 minutes only.

Expansion scope:

In the starting, this project is only launched in phase 1, but slow and steady it becomes now expanded from phase 2. So, get more chances to book the required plot. The areas are continuously developing, and eventually more opportunities arise. Taj residencia reviews get ineffective because of their development slower pace.

24/7 supply of utilities:

The main resource for living a peaceful and healthy life is the availability of a 24/7 supply of utilities which are electricity, water, and gas without any interruptions. The residents will surely feel the comfort of life without the uninterrupted luxuries.


Perceived more Expensive:

Taj residencia payment plan represents more costly as compared to other options available in societies. But their facilities and meticulous amenities are unmatched by the other twin cities. Whereas evaluating the scheme of the project on price behalf will be an injustice to society.

Time taking development:

As compared to others, their work seems to be a slower housing development, because of the structure complex it may take time to build a functioning society.

Why invest in Taj Residencia Islamabad:

Taj Residencia Islamabad seems to be the most luxurious and modern society, its owner and developer become famous just of their successful project of Centaurus Mall. The Sardar group of companies will emerge you towards modernity and spend a luxurious lifestyle with taj’s secure and eco-friendly environment. Their aim is to provide the exceed level on the demands of their residents, add the conveniences which are helpful and required. Their appealing and tranquil areas provide you with a level of comfort, relaxation, and healthy as well. Our consultant teams will surely guide you that what you want, the ideal place with breathtaking views and magnificent fresh green garden keep you far away from the noisy and hustling life. Taj residencia payment plans as compared in 2020 to 2021 becomes not get higher as compared to another society project, just take a step to invest with us and get the multiple benefit and much more to secure your future.