Master Plan of BWTC

October 31, 2022
Blue world Trade Center Master Plan

A Brief Introduction of BWTC:

Blue World Trade Center is a project of the Blue Group of Companies. The Blue Group of Companies is a well-known real estate company that is coming up with a series of projects for business and residential. A snappily delineated high-rise building is regarded as a new opening to the industry of real estate and business in Pakistan. How it is different from others ? However, it has become Pakistan’s first twin tower property-exchange tower that provides you the facility of work, comfort, and entertainment in a single ascend.

The location of the Blue World Trade Center increases its significance in twin cities. Due to its location, BWTC became the blown-up business center of the twin cities. It is the most sought-after business hub for real estate companies and brands of their related industries. Consequently, Blue World Trade Center is to develop as the first trading center to divide the rush of the population and provide all amenities under the same roof.
According to the master plan of the Blue World Trade Center, it is to pursue cooperating destinations specifically for the real estate industry, outlets, and their related business.

Twin Towers Location Map:

With respect to business and trade, location is the dominant factor. Before the investor decides to invest somewhere; their utmost thought is location. Therefore, the location of the Blue World Trade Center is remarkable with respect to its investors. It is located on the main G.T Road which is easily accessible from all the main sectors of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. This business hub is going to be distinctive from the rest as its access is possible from all major routes.
The importance of the location of the Blue World Trade Center is as:

Replica of PETRONAS Tower:

This twin trade tower structure will be built to international standards as a replica of the PETRONAS tower, also known as the PETRONAS twin replica. It will be a two-part 27-story tower. According to Blue World Trade Center, parking will be reserved in the three-story basement. A skywalk connecting the twin towers will be available. The headquarters of Blue World City will be established on the second floor of BWTC.

Blue World Trade Center Master Plan– A Guide to the Future:

The project of the Blue World Trade Center is proper guidance for your future. The structure of these twin towers is renowned for its replica of the PETRONAS Tower. It is one of the largest business hubs in twin cities located near the Rawalpindi Ring Road. This business hub is a beneficial place for future investors in the real estate sector. The layout of the BWTC provides modern facilities to guide the future and development of the city. Moreover, the master plan of BWTC is a gateway to real estate property and other related industries. Its plan includes a number of amenities to make the trade, business, shopping, and loft apartments chase a secure and luxurious future. However, the master plan of BWTC is a great edge for the modern development of societies and standard lifestyles.

Cutting-edge Amenities Proposed by BWTC:

Business and Residential – At Single State:

If you are a job person then would definitely know the importance of Time and Salary! BWTC provides you the benefit of saving your money and time at the same place. The most rated benefit of BWTC is business and residency at a single plot. The Blue World Trade Center provides the best place to work and stay with all modern luxuries and technologies. This is the best place to invest in the growth and development of local and international businesses and brands. The amenities provided by the trade twin tower are improving the living standards and business incomes as well. Its strategic location is a major point in the development of the city.

How BWTC is different from other High-rise malls:

Blue World Trade Center is a high-rise business hub that has numerous qualities, which differentiate this Skyscraper business hub from other high-rise verticals. BWTC provides:


Blue World Trade Center is a well-planned vertical commercial. Its master plan is a long-term benefit plan for trade and business to guide future growth and development in twin cities. The strategic location of the Blue World Trade Center is the main factor in the development of trade and business through this twin tower. It is accessible from all routes of the twin cities. Besides this, it provides a number of facilities for standard life. Work and entertainment can be enjoyed entertained under this business hub the same roof. Blue World Trade Center is going to be the most visited vertical if twin cities due to its prime location.

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