About Makkaan

Makkaan.com is an Islamabad-based real estate marketing firm that aims to offer individuals, companies, and organizations in the city simple ways to invest in real estate for long-term prosperity. At Makkaan.com, we believe that working in teams and collaborating across disciplines is critical to finding new solutions and improving our services. Our company’s dedicated professionals uphold our key values, which seek to provide our clients with research-based, cost-effective, simpler, and speedier real estate solutions.

As a company, we’re committed to realizing our objective by fostering a dynamic, upbeat, and results-oriented work atmosphere that values long-term partnerships. Our success is measured by the success of our clients. An entrepreneurial spirit and the personalized service of a fast-growing company are essential components of our principles.

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Our Vision And Mission

Our Mission

We are inspired in everything we do by a desire to be completely transparent and honest. Real estate solutions based on research, cost-effective, simple, and quick are what we strive to offer to our clients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the top provider of real estate services in the country. Building trust and honesty in our relationships with clients is one of our primary goals. Providing you with the best service possible while making the process simple and uncomplicated is our primary focus.

Core Values

Makkaan.com values teamwork and interdisciplinarity as a means to attain expertise and excellence in our work. The following key beliefs are shared by the dedicated members of our company’s staff:

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Our Sales Advisors

Team Lead

Muhmmad Wasti

Assistant Manager Sales

Hussain Rashid

Assistant Manager Sales

Zaigham Abbas