Blue World City Islamabad (BWC) is a Pak-China Friendly City. Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company, a renowned Chinese developer, is in charge of Blue World City Islamabad.  This is the flagship project of the BGC-IGC Consortium. Blue World City Islamabad’s head office is in Islamabad. The project was started in 2018 while the construction work was started in 2019. The Blue World City extends over 1 lac kanals of land & more than 80 thousand kanals are procured. 


Attractive Features

Blocks Blue World City

General Block Phase 2

5 Marla Residential

10 Marla Residential

1 kanal Residential

2 kanal Residential

5 Marla Commercial

General Block

5 Marla Residential

8 Marla Residential

10 Marla Residential

1 Kanal Residential

2 Kanal Residential

5 Marla Commercial

Overseas Block

7 Marla Residential

10 Marla Residential

14 Marla Residential

1 Kanal Residential

2 Kanal Residential

5 Marla Commercial

10 Marla Commercial

Waterfront Block

125 SQ.YD (5 Marla Commercial)

150 SQ.YD (6 Marla Residential)

300 SQ.YD (12 Marla Residential)

450 SQ.YD (18 Marla Residential)

Awami Block

4.5 Marla

Hollywood Block

10 Marla Residential

1 kanal Residential

2 kanal Residential

4 Kanal (Residential)

Sports Valley

5 Marla 125 Sq. Yd

8 Marla 200 Sq. Yd.

10 Marla 250 Sq. Yd.

1 Kanal 500 Sq, Yd.

Payment Plan



Waterfront District

Sport Valley

General Block Phase 2

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Blue World City is a Modern housing Project and a renowned Chinese developer, is in charge of Blue World City. 

Visit our website and follow the steps for booking in Blue World City.

Blue World City Islamabad is owned and developed by the Blue Group of Companies (BGC).  

Yes. You need to open a file and start the booking prodecure.

The Hollywood Block of Blue world City gives a completely international vibe with its luxurious amenities and facilities. Blue World City Islamabad aims to replicate the experience of gazing upon the Hollywood sign in all its splendor and promise of riches and luxury

Although The Blue world city project is full of attractive amenities and features but most famous among them are

Floating Restaurant

Biggest Water Theme Park

Water Fountain


Water Sports

Blue World City received final approval for some of its land, resulting in a rise in the cost of plots. The remaining land’s approval of NOC is under processing in the RDA office. Blue World City NOC’s latest news will be updated soon.

 The Blue World City has become a legal society as Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has approved and permission for 427 Kanals is granted. To say that Blue World City is an architectural and urban planning marvel would be an understatement.

Blue World City Islamabad ensures the availability of uninterrupted 24/7 electricity, water, and natural gas, ensuring that its residents can enjoy a hassle-free life. This is done through novel and innovative solutions, many of which have never been seen in the region.

Yes Blue world city Islamabad society offered 3 year & 4 year payment plans on easy Instalments for the suitability of the investors.

yes there are several sizes of Commercial Plots in different blocks of blue world city Islamabad society for more details, please all Blocks payment plans or you can call office UAN number

Esra Belgic is the brand ambassador of Blue World City Islamabad.

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