D.I.Khan new city the crown of Pakistan is a brand new project by JK&S Developers(PVT) Limited, a Saif Group Company aiming to build a society with standardized facilities in the Dera Ismail Khan District of KPK. Built on the CPEC, D.I.Khan New City will be safe community with 24/7 Surveillance and modern facilities for the peace of feasibility of its residents. It’s a project with state-of-art infrastructure and architect. The Developers of D.I.Khan are working hard on making this project look like a world of luxury and international standard facilities. To provide highest standard of facilities, the developers are ambitiously uplifting the standards for the society.

Ameneties Of D.I.Khan New City

Master Plan of D.I.Khan New City

This project D.I.Khan New city, which is being built as a complete development for the people who live in D.I. Khan New City, is providing the society with top-notch features as well as all of the facilities necessary for their leisure time and peaceful living. Its master plan is designed with the assortment of numerous plans and that too surrounded with a beautiful view.

Location of D.I.Khan New City

Facilities and Features of D.I.Khan New City

1. 24/7 Security: Safety comes first over anything else for the society and D.I.Khan new city assures the residents to live a fearless time because they take guarantee of providing 24.7 Security and surveillance for all sectors.

2. Schools, Colleges and Universities: Education is as essential as any other need for the society and should not be neglected for anyone. In every sector of this project, educational institutes are constructed like schools, colleges, universities.

3. International Standard Hospital: A standardized level of hospital facility is provided at D.I.Khan new city project giving an international aura. Every medical facility is available in these hospitals and clinics are constructed everywhere nearby.

4. Water Filtration Plant: Clean water is a basic requirement and every resident looks forward to this facility before entering any society. At D.I.Khan new city it is promised to deliver this basic need at doorstep.

5. 24 hrs Electricity Supply: Uninterrupted electricity is provided at every sector and plan of this project whether It is residential, commercial, offices or anything.

6. Commercial Centers: D.I.Khan new city has designed a commercial square which is a construction inspired by dubai downtown.

7. Uninterrupted Internet Services: Internet has become a mandatory part of our daily routine and everything seems impossible without it so this project by D.I.Khan has made sure to provide full internet services for society.

8. Sustainability Projects: This Unique and beautiful project is designed with sustainability and environmental impact in mind. Sewerage plant, Solar Energy, water filtration Plant, rain water harvesting and slaughterhouse and other facilities for the ease of society is available.

Developer and Owners of D.I.Khan New city

JK&S Global Developers (Pvt), a well-known real estate company is a project of Saif Group. Known for the excellent values and hard work they put in their projects they have delivered numerous successful projects across the country. The sponsors of JK&S global developers have inherited roots from the district KPK, and they seek motivation from their grandfather Khan Faizullah who was the founder of developing structure of southern districts in KPK in the British era and now the developers are following his footsteps to build the D.I.Khan New City project.

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