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Nova City Islamabad

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Nova City seems to be a meticulous, legally approved residential society. This project is updated with the coming development by the Nova City Developers. It is located at Fateh Jung Road, CPEC route, and Rawalpindi Ring Road. This Nova City housing society is designed and planned in a central location close to twin cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad.  The Nova city planned to launch soon with all magnificent luxury at affordable rates; Makkaan highly endorses investing in Nova City Islamabad because of society’s popularity. The subject prices and demand for plots become high. The Nova Group will launch its new project, Nova city Peshawar. They are passionate, work hard, and get fame because of their previous successful projects of Nova City Developers, and the new one is going to be successful soon. The new project Nova City Peshawar is located at Islamabad- Peshawar M-2 Motorway close to Charsadda and Peshawar’s central city. It will provide an excellent chance for investment.

Owners and Developers of Nova city Islamabad:

Nova City Islamabad Introduction

Nova City Islamabad project is being developed by the Nova Group. This company is well known for its high-tech infrastructure and development process, and now they are launching the Nova city Housing society Islamabad. They have delivered their successful projects since 1975. The Commercial malls, housing projects, and apartments building are always different and excellent. 

NOC of Nova City Islamabad:

Nova City Islamabad NOC

The respected authorities legally authorize the NOC of Nova City. Legal approval is the foremost priority of any housing society and investors. It develops the trust and ensures the resident legal documentation. 

The Nova City housing society is gaining popularity with its high shooting glory. The investors cannot lose the chance and get the plots at a low price. 

Nova City Islamabad Location:

The Nova city Islamabad location seems ideal for twin cities because it lies on a central site between Rawalpindi and Islamabad. This society is close to Fateh Jung Road, Rawalpindi Ring Road, and CPEC Route

Its close access to Lahore- Islamabad motorway M-2 makes it more attractive for investors and residents. The Nova City Islamabad map is provided to avoid muddles about location and is easy to reach. 

Nova City Islamabad Location

This society is just a few minutes away from the new Islamabad International Airport. The immediate accessibility of the airport makes it more convenient for frequent travelers. Nova city seems to be more suitable for the businessman who wants a living place close to communication places and transport. The nova city location is close to the three dams. Their names are Rama Dam, Sapiala Dam, and Kasana Dam. Another place that emphasizes their beauty is the Kheri Moorat National Park, which lies almost 8600 acres just a few kilometers far away from it.  All these features enhance the beauty and significance of this housing society. The google map is shared to avoid getting muddled about the exact location and quickly reaching their desired place. 

Nearby Landmark and places:

The following nearby Landmark and places of Nova City:

Nova City Islamabad Nearby Places

Accessibility Areas:

Near accessibility areas of Nova City Islamabad

Nova City Islamabad Master Plan:

The Nova City Islamabad project will be launched soon by the developers of Nova City. This housing society is still in its pre-launching phase, not officially launched yet. Only Makkaan, a real estate company, has shared their general master plan information about design, architecture, and layout details from reliable sources. Their project is based on the single vision of building a commercial and residential environment while preserving the exact tranquil location and natural scenic views. They aim to provide the community with a healthy environment with a natural touch. This Nova city housing society seems to be designed by talented architects and qualified engineers who use high technology with intelligent ideas and procedures. It will signify the distinguishable rank from the other housing schemes in the twin cities. 

The Nova city Islamabad map is constructed through a proper master plan accessible to the tranquil areas. The commercial hubs, recreational areas, educational institutions, and health care centers will be convenient and reachable for the residents. This society scheme is only to lanced in the marketplace to get an overwhelmingly positive response. The investor should keep in mind that the master plan of Nova Cityis not available yet in the public phase because of the government instructions and the NOC approval procedure. That’s why the developers have not made it publicly launched; their NOC is still in process. 

We utilized our reliable resources to gather preliminary information about Nova City Islamabad’s layout. This housing society will be divided into different phases, blocks, and sectors. 

Nova City Islamabad Residential plots are available in different sizes:

Nova city Islamabad also provides the commercial plots for the larger marketplace in a prime location that will be accessible to the residents of nova city. The purpose of these commercial plots is to provide the opportunity to get connected with society’s business marketplace. These commercial plots are limited, so avail the chance to get a high return through investment. 

Nova city Islamabad commercial plots are available in different sizes:

Division of Blocks:

This society is divided into different blocks of residential and commercial real estate. This society offers an entirely comfortable, healthy lifestyle for the inhabitants. In contrast, the best opportunity for investment in Islamabad is for all those seeking a high benefit return on their investment. Their plots for sale are at much reasonable rates, with the best real estate quality for the community. 

Nova City E-Sport Block:

Nova City Islamabad Sport Block

The E-sports Block represents meaning through the name of a block equipped with all the best features of sports facilities for the inhabitants. Residents will be able to spend their leisure time playing the different variety of e-sports in a safe and secure environment. This block will enhance the central attraction of the entire society. The ideal location for the sports lover that will be able to fulfill the desire to make their residence at e-sport vicinity in a secure environment. Residential plots are of different sizes:

Payments plans of Nova city for E-Sports are as follow:

Nova City Overseas Block:

Nova City Islamabad Overseas Block

Nova City Islamabad also introduced the scenic Nova City Overseas Block. A well-designed community is established for the overseas Pakistanis with world-class designed amenities. This block is ultramodern and designed for Pakistani living abroad, with excellent amenities like massive parks, zoo, health care facilities, international sports, and much more. The Nova city Islamabad provides its residents with the most luxurious and world-class up-to-date living standards in the marketplace. At the same time, they offered this overseas block with meticulous facilities and unmatched amenities that any other society could offer in Islamabad. This block will have a beautiful separate entrance, specialized medical staff, and qualified educational instructors and institutions. In overseas partnerships, they offer the WIFI facility for all the overseas residents to stay connected with their loved ones and be updated from all around the world through this service. 

Nova city Payment plans for the Residential plots:

The most interacting categories of plots for our respected clients interested in getting a plot in Nova city Islamabad at affordable prices. With ultramodern living standards and meticulous amenities, the Nova city plot is for sale at reasonable installments in the region.  

Nova City Islamabad payment plans for Residential plots:

The housing scheme’s developers have meticulously designed the villas for the residents’ convenience. Wonder Villas is a project that aims to raise the standard in Islamabad for luxury living. It’s an ideal spot for individuals who want to build beautiful homes. The villa’s appeal is enhanced by the presence of theme parks, libraries, community centers, and enormous mosques that suit your social needs.

Updated announcement (April 2022)

The possession phase announced that the e-sport block would start by May 2022. The construction phase has begun with the development of 200 villas, which signifies that the sector of e-sports is going to be complete soon. The plot prices seem to be increased over the past few weeks; that’s why the home buyers and the investors have to focus their attention on this housing society. 

Nova City Pueblo Block:

Nova City Islamabad Pueblo Block

A new block was launched in nova city’s housing society, the “Nova City Pueblo Block.” This block aims to provide more affordable plots for residential and commercial-based plots. The investors became attracted to Nova City Islamabad’s best offer in the pueblo block, in which they added 3.5 Marla plots for the residential purpose. They offer affordable prices plots with meticulous amenities. This was developed just for the customer’s help with a minimum budget for their investment option.

This block will offer modern and top-notch facilities. The buyers will indeed show great interest in housing society for 3.5 Marla residential plots. 

Nova City Pueblo Block:

The best investment chance to get an excellent valuable 3.5 Marla plot for the investor or buyer. The plot could be reserved through only a 20% down payment and the rest of the amount through convenient payment. The total cost of a residential 3.5 Marla plot is 1,275,000/- with the starting reservation at 127,500/-. Following the rest of the amount, the investors will pay within 40 monthly payments installments. This will be the best profitable investment for residential and investment purposes. 

Nova City Commercial Block:

The Nova city housing society also offers commercial plots in affordable installments plan. The a fantastic and futuristic chance to buy a scheme for commercial purposes, book your plot at an extraordinarily competitive and premium location, and think about it once you lose it

Nova city plot prices of commercial block:

How to book your plot in Nova City Islamabad

Nova City Islamabad Plot Booking
For our respectable clients, we strive to make the easy registration process; some of the credentials are required at the time of booking your plots.

Terms and Conditions:

Important Notice:

Some of the essential points about the booking and payment

Facilities & Meticulous Amenities:

Nova City Islamabad Amenities

The Nova city Islamabad is the best architect, design, and well-planned housing society, offering advanced modern luxuries and excellent facilities with automated mechanisms. Both foreign and local inhabitants will profit from highly advanced society’s development based on international standard infrastructure and services. Nova city Islamabad is an ultramodern masterpiece with high-tech amenities and all contemporary convinces, with all security measures and a safe environment for visitors and residents. The comfortable lifestyle, the meticulous amenities, and the society’s attraction give a splendid chance to invest in Islamabad. 

Gated Community:

Nova City Islamabad Gated Community
The safety and security of any residential area always come first. It’s the responsibility of any housing society to make them feel safe and provide specific measures. It might be day or night that the security guards, the advanced central security command, and CCTV cameras will surely maintain the high standard and strict security measures for the inhabitant’s safety

Grand Mosque:

Nova City Islamabad Mosque

A well-planned and meticulously designed Jamia Mosque will be built in Nova city; they aim to provide a safe and peaceful environment where they offer their prayers and make a strong relationship with the creator of the universe. A Jamia Mosque will be built in the central area with an impressive façade, spectacular minarets, and a beautiful dome to inspire all who visit. The masjid signifies a significant role in Islamic society. You can make a strong connection with God and strengthen to practice your faith in the most peaceful and safe environment. 

Availability of essential Utilities 24/7

This housing society provides the residents the basic essential utilities, including water, electricity, and gas. The underground sewage system drains out the rainwater. The drainage system is also made for the cleanliness of society. Pure water should be supplied without any hurdles, availability of electricity and gas becomes continuous.

Power backup:

For the inhabitant of nova city, they provide a high-powered existence and a stress-free power backup system. Ensure the residence is not worried about load shedding

Scenic Recreational Park and facilities:

Nova City Islamabad Public Park
The lush green nature-friendly environment will feel the inhabitant healthy and close to nature. The families and children feel safe enjoying their leisure time. The developers also included the well-constructed zoo and the lush green parks to provide the residents with an eco-friendly environment to spend their time in a healthy atmosphere and feel happy to live in Nova City.

Health care facilities:

Nova city Islamabad Health Care

“Health is Wealth” is a trustworthy saying that health always comes first and is more needed to make the health care centers in any residential society. Nova city provides a highly advanced health care center and emergency facilities. The qualified staff and paramedic service are available 24/7. Ensure the residents do not feel worried and offer them a complete peace of mind about their health.  

Wide Roads and Boulevards:

Nova City Islamabad Wide Roads

The beautiful scenic view of the wide carpeted road enhances the beauty of nova city with both sides sparkling street lights and plants designed to make the environment peaceful and spacious commute. The street and roads are laid with high-tech security measures. These innovations make Nova city even more attractive for buyers and investors. 

Some of the features of Nova City Islamabad:
Nova City Islamabad Features

Pros & Cons:

Nova City Islamabad Pros and Cons

Recent development images in Nova City Islamabad:

Why invest only in Nova City Islamabad?

Nova city Islamabad is developing in a premium location in Islamabad by the Nova city Developers. Its place is too reachable at your respective destination right next to Rawalpindi Ring Road and CPEC Route.

This society promises to fulfill your dream through its ideal location with high-tech, state-of-the-art amenities, and luxury. Avail of this golden opportunity who wants to get a much more profitable investment. Their payments and installment plans are much more affordable with the advanced infrastructure development of the housing society. The master plan is well-constructed by qualified expert engineers, and their design is also well planned by the architect of Nova city Developers. Get the chance to avail yourself lifetime best opportunity to buy the property at such low rates. will surely encourage and support you to take a step and avail the golden chance and get a high return investment in the future. The alleged NOC was approved by the respective authorities. The healthy, eco-friendly environment, the playing areas, walking track, sports complex for all ages, Jamia Masjid, the scenic view of the boulevard, and much more. High-tech amenities than what else you want; think about it today, grab your plot soon. 


Nova City seems to be a meticulous, legally approved residential society. This project is updated with the coming development by the Nova City Developers.  A team of engineers, architects, and other staff with years of experience have put their full efforts into its development.

The respected authorities legally authorize the NOC of Nova City. Legal approval is the foremost priority of any housing society and investors. It develops the trust and ensures the resident legal documentation. 

The Nova city Islamabad location seems ideal for twin cities because it lies on a central site between Rawalpindi and Islamabad. This society is close to Fateh Jung Road, Rawalpindi Ring Road, and CPEC Route

 Mr Chaudhry Junaid Afzal owns Nova City.


Yes Nova City Management offered Most affordable Payment on easy Instalments.