Tallest Twin Towers in Twin Cities of Pakistan

BGC-IGC Consortium takes business, shopping, trade, and leisure to the next stage by inaugurating “Tallest Twin Towers in Twin Cities of Pakistan.” Blue World Trade Centre (BWTC), the iconic milestone building of the Twin Cities, serves as a new door to Pakistan’s real estate market. BGC-IGC Consortium takes business, trade, shopping, and leisure to the next stage by inaugurating “Tallest Twin Towers in Twin Cities of Pakistan.” Spanning over 29 stories, this 500 ft. tall masterwork proffers “Commercial Outlets, Corporate Offices & Attic Apartments” with numerous catching amenities. Centrally located, Blue World Trade Center will be the most demanding business address, particularly for those who wish to stay top-notch. The idea is to construct an environment where you can enjoy all strands of business, trade, and shopping under one roof. 

Brilliantly designed Twin Towers continues to be the top choice for high-end commercial office space offering top-quality and flexible features, with an appropriate work environment for a wide range of tenants, thus enabling Twin Cities-based businesses to extend their reach both locally and regionally. The Tallest Twin Towers in Rawalpindi contain all amenities and commodities that assist local and international traders in augmenting their commerce.

Originators of Blue World Trade Center:

The Blue Group of Companies retains the privilege to instigate one of the most sought-after building structures in the Twin Cities, the Blue World Trade Center. In 1989, the BGC was established in Lahore. At the start, the company provided architectural planning and construction management services. The company swiftly gained a solid eminence as an incorruptible and condign firm by stockpiling clients’ interest and respected ventures in the field.
Today, the company is examined as one of Pakistan’s top five property development companies, with an all-out latency.

Since then, the company has struggled to maintain its reputation as a one-stop shop for various services, including construction branding, designing and planning of real estate, development, I.T. support, and commercial publishing. It also owns many convenience stores and clothing enterprises. The Blue Group of Companies employs almost 800 people in various roles, making it one of Pakistan’s most varied corporations.


Twin Tower – a Replica of Double Tower :

The PETRONAS Twin Towers are the most significant business hub in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. According to the main precondition and sorting of the Council on Tall Structures & Urban Habitat, they were the world’s tallest towers from 1998-2004. 

The Twin Towers of Rawalpindi Islamabad is a replica of the PETRONAS Double Towers. The Blue World Trade Center replicates the Twin Towers, a 27-story building with the same architecture and specialties. This Tallest Twin Tower of Rawalpindi Islamabad is a turning point of trade and business in the era of Pakistan.

Location of the Tallest Twin Towers of the Twin Cities:

The location of a trade center is a unique point for an investor in the world of real estate.

The Blue World City Trade Center has established at a dominant place near Bahria Town and DHA Islamabad, two great domestic and commercial occupations within the city limits. The G.T. road link with the Islamabad Freeway makes this site’s innovative trade quickly accessible from Rawalpindi and Islamabad, as seen from the Tallest Twin Tower’s map. The reality that the Bahria Community Hospital and Civic Center are nearby is a plus aspect. The Giga Shopping Center and the Lignum Tower are within walking distance of the residential property. In addition to the contiguous places, Blue World City Office is easily put around the block to manage operations and Tallest Twin Towers.

Accessible Locations Twin Towers Blue World Trade Center:

  • It is located on the main G.T. road, which is easily accessible from all main routes of the Twin Cities.
  • It is being entrenched a 2-minute drive from Bahria Town Hospital.
  • It is just 10 minutes away from the computer Resort.
  • 15 Minutes far from Rawalpindi Train Terminal.
  • It is at a minimum driving distance from the Islamabad International Airport.

Conveniences Provided by the Tallest Tower- BWTC:

There is a series of modern amenities and features of the Twin Tower in Rawalpindi Islamabad. The Blue World Trade Center facilitates the twin tower guests, employees, and residents.

• Loft Apartments and Hotel Accommodations Fully ventilated Cooperate offices
• Shopping Malls & Entertainment centers
• Secure vault parking
• Pharmacies and Cosmetic stores
• Wide prayer area
• ATM & Banks
• Outdoor cafes
• Spacious retail outlets
• Restaurants
• High-speed Elevator
• Multinational Grocery and convenience store
• Uninterrupted power supply 24/7
• Security surveillance 24/7
• Maintenance Management 24/7


Vast Parking Area:

The first and foremost priority for anyone is safe parking. At the same time, they are going anywhere, secure parking, which the twin towers provide on top.

Colossal Prayer Area
Being a Muslim country, we must pray five times a day. When we are not near a mosque or a home and need to pray, there is a massive prayer area designated for visitors and employees.

The building strives to provide extraordinary lavish restaurant aptitudes, mainly for foodies, as well as amenities and flexibility for trade hubs and sightseers. The people will relish the great dining eateries and deli. The BWTC proposes an undivided knowledge permitting you to commemorate the most remarkable junctures of your life.

Shopping Malls
The lower ground is for all the shopping brands. The list is as follows:

Atms And Banks

Blue World Trade Center provides the facility of ATMs inside. So, no one gets in trouble for rushing out of the center.

24/7 Power Supply
BWTC provides an uninterruptable energy supply.

Grocery Store
Blue World Trade Center will include an incredible and unforgettable hyper-mart providing an outstanding grocery venture.

OIC Monument
Pakistan again had the privilege of hosting the 48th session of the OIC summit in March. When the globe was concentrated on the Russian-Ukrainian dispute, 56 country officials heeded this conference.
The Islamic Unity Monument at Blue World City will be built in honor of the OIC’s 48th session in Pakistan, signifying Islamic civilization and the harmony of the Muslim Ummah.

Business Hub
Blue World Trade Center gives investors a tremendous chance to invest in the BWTC and assist their companies in flourishing. Blue World Trade Center is a perfect acquisition opportunity due to its ideal location, floor plan, delicate structural design, and reasonable legal status.

Floors-Wise Breakdown of Twin Towers:

Following is the Floor Wise Breakdown of the Blue World Trade Center:

Categories of FloorAllocated Sectors
Basements-1 & 2Dedicated Car Parking
Lower Ground, Ground & 1st FloorShopping Mall
2nd FloorFood Court & Play Area
3rd FloorServices Storey
4th till 16th FloorCorporate Offices
17th FloorExecutive Chamber Offices
18th till 22nd FloorCorporate Offices
23rd & 24th FloorLoft Apartments
25th FloorServices Storey

Business Expansion in Twin Towers:

Would you like to avail an opportunity to expand your business at the national and international levels?

You are on the right path.

The Twin Towers of Rawalpindi Islamabad impart a great path to people having the initiative businesses to expand. Their investments in an original abode can make access more accessible to business tycoons and pursue additional options to prompt more profit. The modern features and amenities qualities of the Twin Towers give a hightail area that can be an ideal place to fascinate customers and increase the fertility of your business. The prime location of the  Blue World Trade Center’s Twin Towers is remarkable for local business owners to save their time and efforts towards the conservancy of shops, which means there is enough time to point to running a successful business. The easily reachable and high-traffic shopping destination of the Tallest Twin Tower enables a company to give competition to its competitors and deal with the buyers of competitors as well.


The Tallest Twin Tower of Rawalpindi Islamabad is an elegant, high-rise commercial. Being the replica of the PETRONAS double tower, it has an eye-catching structure and attractive design. Similarly, in the most strategic and reachable location, the Twin Towers is the most sought-after trade center in the twin cities. The BWTC is to divide the rush of the population and emerge as a new competition platform in the business and real estate world.

Book your residence as soon as possible to avail yourself of the modern amenities and enjoy the leisure of lodging at top-notch.

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