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Blue World City General Block

Blue World City General Block

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Blue World City General Block

Blue World City General Block is a magnificently constructed block located at an ideal location of Pakistan’s first-ever purpose-built tourist city, The Blue World City Islamabad. Known for its vicinity of significant landmarks, The blue world city general block is one of the most extensive and reasonable blocks to live in. 

Anybody can promise you a luxury living, but it’s rare to find a convenient and cost-effective society with the best amenities in one place. Blue world City General block is where you find all your necessities and a comfortable lifestyle. The general block was the first block planned and built by the blue world city of Islamabad. The project and its payment plans are enchanting, making it easier for investors to get into this project.

Features Of General Block - Blue World City

The Blue World City General block is giving all the major facilities to its residents with a beautiful environment. A society with great amenities and peaceful living. The developers of this project Blue Group of Companies (BGC) and Saad Nazir  have invested from their core in this project and the key features of this block are as follows :
  • Paved roads and 208 ft. wide main boulevard:

    An essential for the residents to have full access to the luxury lifestyle, a plan of broad and beautiful paved roads is done at the general block.

  • Easy access to all facilities:

    Encompassing a modern lifestyle, the general block gives access to all facilities required for a living. The residents of the General block are provided with the best amenities, and it is easier for them to approach commercial areas, superstores, parks, mosques, hospitals, and much more.

  • Beautifully constructed at 5 Marla scenic villas

    The specialty about this general block is the construction of 5 Marla scenic villas which are spacious and built beautifully.

  • Central Parks:

    For the feasibility and need of its society, central parks are made everywhere so that the residents can spend a god time with family and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

  • Grand Mosque:

    For the basic need of every Muslim community, there spiritual connection with ALLAH is mandatory. Hence, grand architectural mosques are constructed in every sector and block making a living more peaceful.

  • Commercial zone

    People living in any society require a commercial hub where they can go for shopping, entertainment and spend their free time. A commercial zone is located at the general block of Blue world city Islamabad with all the basic necessities for residents.

  • Security & Surveillance:

    Security is the most concerned question for the people living in any society or planning to live and invest in any project. The general Block in Blue world city Islamabad is fully secured and under surveillance 24/7.

  • Hospital

    A well-designed hospital with a fully trained staff is located in the general block of blue world city Islamabad. All medical facilities and clinics are available nearby for society.

Blue World City General Block Specifications

The amount of asset one needs to invest is already so much that only a few options are left for saving and making a profit in this field. Installment plans help to manage the investment strategy required. To know more about Installment on plots, some advantages and disadvantages are mentioned below.

BWC NOC status Alongside General Block

The NOC of blue world city was approved by the district council in December 2021. This luxurious and affordable society in Islamabad is making better opportunities for the citizens who are planning to live and invest here. Legally approved projects are automatically more considered and are trustworthy for investors.

Development Process of Blue World City General Block

This alluring project by the blue world city Islamabad is done with a lot of its construction but the development is in process. The developers of this project are going the extra mile for this project so that the people who are investing or planning to live here don’t face any difficulty. General Block consists of different sectors which are well-planned and under construction. The master plan of the general block is consisting of numerous payment schemes at affordable prices.

Payment Plan of Blue World City General Block

The payment plan of general block is mold into smaller investment opportunities which are affordable for everyone. The general block payment plan is done by the experts and developed excellently providing numerous pricing options to its investors and residents.

Plot SizeFinal Discount Rate after possessionDown Payment40 monthly Installments 8 Half Yearly Installments
05 Marla (RES)1,290,00099,00012,90084,375
8 Marla (RES)1,726,500126,50017,265113,675
10 Marla (RES)2,152,000152,00021,520142,400
1 Kanal (RES)3,630,000280,00036,300237,250
2 Kanal (RES)7,140,000540,00071,400468,000
5 Marla (COM)7,500,000600,00075,000487,500

What Makes Investment In General Block Worthy?

From Its Supreme location to its secure environment, the General Block is spread into astonishing resources, making it worth investing in. This well-managed project is shaped to perfection by experts, and the developers of Blue World City are constantly working on making it a better living region. This society is surrounded by other ideal locations as well, which is one of its primary key points because everybody, whether investors or residents, looks forward to more options for facilities and amenities.
  • Profit Maximization

    The general block of Blue world city commits and claims 95% expected capital gains over the next 3 years.

  • Premium Facilities

    Merged into variety of facilities for its residents , the General Block is immensely beneficial for everyone with amenities like Educational Institutes, Hospitals, Grocery stores, parks ,Business and commercial hub.

  • Exceptional Security system

    Surrounded by 24/7 security system and kept safe with environment friendly facilities. The general Block is located at an ideal place where there is no threat of security issues.

  • Accessibility of 24 hour Gas and Power

    Power and Gas accessibility is daily base essential which is provided at the General Block of Blue world city. A well maintained and managed availability of utilities is promised by this project developers.

Nearby Attractions

The ideal location of this General Block is surrounded by many other appealing projects like:

Let’s Conclude

Choosing the right investment opportunity could be technical and hard, so is offering a tremendous plan of General block properties as a vertical investment project. Based on Islamabad’s top-notch housing society, ‘Blue world City,’ this general block is manufactured beautifully for the residents who look forward to enjoying a luxurious and peaceful lifestyle. 

This block’s specialty mainly focuses on its ideal location and the investment opportunities it provides its residents and investors. This blog by is versatile information about the Blue World City’s Project and its appliances.

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