Blue World City NOC & Latest Updates

October 5, 2022
Blue World city Noc & latest updates

Blue World City Noc

Do you know why NOC is crucial?

Have you ever desired to living in a region where you’ll get all versions of magnificent facilities and a peaceful environment like a dream palace? Every person wishes to have their own dream house. For this purpose, people do work hard and sell their assets. For this time, no need to get upset because Blue World City offers beautiful and mesmerizing residential and commercial plots to fulfill your dreams with affordable payment plans.
Whereas legalization and authenticity always come first, before buying any property for investment purposes, the people always have to check the status that this society is legal and authentic and have approved NOC from their respective authorities.
Here the question is, what is NOC means? In a residential scheme, the NOC signifies the No Objection Certificate. Why the community sector needs this? Why is it essential? From this blog, you get to know detailed information about society’s NOC and its importance. You will get to know the BWC society’s future and whether you should invest in it or not.

Where is this society located?

Blue World City is an emerging project located near the Islamabad international airport and has close access to M2 Motorway from Islamabad to Lahore. Beside this, you can also go to BWC through the main Chakri Interchange. Shortly, you can get easy access from Rawalpindi Ring Road. The respective owner and developer of the grand venture are Mr. Saad Nazir. Whereas it was established by the BGC and China’s well-known company. Well, this society is ideal; the best thing about this project is that it could be easily accessed from all the important sites of the twin cities.

Why is this city referred to as the Future Brand?

Most of the time, people call it an emerging project and future brand. Yes, it is true. It’s an ideal location around the twin cities and has access to a motorway within walking distance. Moreover, the airport has immediate access to BWC. It will nearly take only an hour to reach Islamabad International Airport.

Importance of NOC:

NOC is a well-known abbreviation for a “No Objection Certificate. “It is considered as the approval statement given to a company or individual for moving ahead with further construction work or purchasing a property. NOC is the obligatory certificate for avoiding legal hardship and trouble for the concerned property in the future.

NOC Approval:

This certificate, commonly known as the NO Objection permit, is a critical document that certifies the legitimacy of a project. Therefore, it is an order from the respective authority that no legal issues will arise in the future if the deal and transaction go through. Furthermore, The RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority) is issuing a No Objection Certificate for BWC. It is in the feedback to RDA/MP&TF/F-PHS-PTR-10/148 published on February 19, 2019.

Why only Invest in BWC:

The developers sent a new requisition when the society initially received authorization for 427 Kanal of Land. The RDA added Blue World City to the approved list of concerned residential communities. However, the blue world city NOC status shifted between unauthorized and under investigation. Fortunately, BWC acquired the NOC for its rapid development and expansion. The BWC has received much misinformation spreading about the illegal status of the BWC. Whereas the RDA approved Blue World City’s NOC status regarding Blue World City, Islamabad is entirely legal and authentic.

Updated news of NOC of BWC 2021:

Every society has to face the issues regarding NOC approval and illegal association, as the authentic updates that BWC is undergoing its clearance process. This society is no anymore considered an unlawful housing scheme. Whereas the BWC recently won a lawsuit against the RDA over the approval of NOC. Authentically Blue World City is approved by RDA.
Therefore, the respective Rawalpindi Session Court decided the case in favor of the housing society. Hence, it is a massive victory of the BWC Management now; their next aim is to expand to the sphere to purchase more land for the project’s development. This society set its benchmark in real estate development in Pakistan.
The housing scheme has almost 10,000 Kanal land in its scope. The expansion is increasing day by day—availability of extensive machines and fleets developing and overgrowing. The BWC Islamabad’s latest news is establishing a new emerging block of Sports Valley Islamabad; this block has become the heart of the BWC venture. Undoubtedly, it is not just a shared society; it’s a mega development project. In 2021, the Punjab local government law was initial permitted by the Punjab cabinet. Furthermore, this project is referred to as the Pak-China-friendly residential project, becoming Islamabad’s first purpose-built tourism destination.

Updated Status of NOC December 2021:

The excellent news for all the investors and future residents of BWC. This residential project has a legal status under the District council. As they mentioned, BWC has an area of 153 Kanal and 05 Marlas, 1134 Kanal falls in the Mouza Sehal, and 400 Kanal in Mouza Habtal, located at main Chakri Road. For establishing this project, Government plays a vital role in fulfilling the task. NOC approved by RDA and local district ordinance 202, signed on December 11, 2021. Now, this scheme is going to be enlisted in RDA-approved societies.

Ideal Payment Plan of BWC:

The payment plan of Blue city is quite flexible, and anyone who has a good investment can easily buy a plot in affordable installments in Blue World City. This venture is divided into blocks and sectors with aesthetic features.

RDA approved Societies 2022:

RDA is abbreviated as the Rawalpindi Development Authority; it has the authority and has the following rules that the respective society should follow. The RDA approved the multiple residential organizations. The buyers will be encouraged to avail this offer until the plot rates increase if we compare the price plan with the feasibility of superb amenities and attraction points of BWC, which is relatively more than enough to invest in Blue city Islamabad. The Blue World City NOC’s latest news is that now BWC is enlisted in approved societies. The most exciting news for the investors who have already invested and are now ready to get a high profit. Legalization and authenticity is the prior aspect of any residential society.

RDA and CDA Corporation:

The following concern points of RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority)

  • RDA was established in 1976 under the supervision of Punjab City Development. 
  • The respective authority’s responsibility is to maintain the standard of development infrastructure in Rawalpindi. 
  • They are accountable for the provision of town and municipal Services in Rawalpindi.
  • The authority’s purpose is to legalize societies that follow the proper instructions and guidelines. 
  • Recently, RDA declared a new result to validate the multiples association. 

CDA (Capital Development Authority)

  • Capital Development Authority was established on June 14, 1960, and is permitted by the Pakistan Capital Regulation. 
  • The authority is liable to provide the community Benefits Corporation, estate management, sector development, municipal services, and project execution. 
  • They aim to maintain public safety, infrastructure, local road maintenance, and building code standards. 
  • In 2016, the CDA’s section shifted to Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation’s new department. 

Enlisted approved housing societies from RDA 2022:

RDA concern sector has the authority to legalize residential schemes. The Rawalpindi Development Authority has an excellent platform to provide information about the authentic and legal society. Presently, the fear of scams and frauds is becoming more popular, especially in the real estate sector; that’s why the RDA ensures that local and overseas residents check the society’s status through the concerned website. They mentioned details about the respective society’s legal status, which one is illegal or has some issues. Whereas some housing societies seem to be enlisted in RDA under process societies in 2022, they are delayed because of some documentation issues and hurdles; the RDA will surely approve these societies as authentic and legal.

Is it worth enough to Invest in BWC?

After the approval of this venture, the society’s development works rapidly in the growing phase. The inauguration of the second cup of coffee, the forces school’s establishment, the new Sports Valley Block in BWC, and its most attractive points are worth enough to investing in this endeavor. 

Outstanding features are:

  • Top-notch security system 
  • Water theme park
  • Educational Institutes
  • Grand Mosque 
  • Basic utilities 24/7 
  • Recreational parks 
  • Medical and health facilities
  • Proper drainage system 
  • Scenic views 
  • Mesmerizing amenities 
  • Restaurants and food courts 
  • Shopping and commercial hubs 
  • Affordable payment plans 
  • RDA approves BWC NOC

Let’s Sum up:

The Blue World City is a grand Consortium Flagship project, ranking among the top Pakistani housing societies. The legal organization always assures you to invest and get a maximum return. It’s not just a simple project; it is the dream of every person who struggle hard to make an asset to make their life comfortable and peaceful, only the BWC providing the international based living standard on a cost-effective budget. 

The BWC is considered a well-known and trustworthy society. The scenic views and meticulous facilities make this place more valuable; the investor is eager to invest through our reliable resource of; we provide you with the best consultants and advisors, do contact us through our respective UAN: 0331-1111049.

We aim to facilitate you to invest in safe and secure hands. The foremost purpose of this blog is to provide complete guidance about the misinformation and rumors about the illegal and NOC approval of BWC. Secure your future until the plot prices become raised. 

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