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Blue World Trade Center is one of the most brilliant architectural high-rise buildings that is a doorway to Pakistan’s real estate and business world. It’s the first high-rise trade center to include all amenities and modern features that make services more reliable, effortless, and productive. Due to its strategic location, the Blue World Trade Center is one of the most sought-after business hubs in the twin cities. 

In addition, BWTC is beneficial for the country’s economy and specifically for genuine estate movers, brands, and pertinent merchandise. Therefore, constructing a domain business center in Pakistan in the form of a commingle, innovative structural design with every attribute and facility adds to the building’s value and usefulness in the Blue World Trade Center.

The Twin Tower is to supply opportunities and associations to all searching for real estate assessment. People can enjoy several amenities in a single place. Similarly, the design of the BWTC creates amusement services to fulfill their commitment to Pakistan’s first visitor city. There are many resources like restaurants, workplaces, entertainment, and loft apartments under the same roof. Therefore, this project will be a sustainable hit.

Prime Location

A financier must look at the regional area’s pros and cons before purchasing a property. The Blue World Trade Center’s ideal location makes it more beneficial. It has been established at a fabulous place near Bahria Town and DHA Islamabad, two great domestic and commercial occupations within the city limits. The G.T. byway’s link with the Islamabad Freeway makes this picturesque innovative trade quickly accessible from Rawalpindi and Islamabad, as seen from the Blue World Trade Center map. The reality that the Bahria Community Hospital is nearby is a plus aspect. The Giga Shopping Center and the Lignum Tower are within walking distance of the residential property. In addition to the contiguous places, Blue World City Office is easily put around the block to manage operations. This makes it easy for people to shop as BWTC provides all the amenities under one roof. The crowd of people will be diverted due to the blue world trade center features.

Easily Accessible Alongside Locations:

Replica of Double Tower:

The Blue World Trade Center is a replica of the PETRONAS Double Towers. The PETRONAS Twin Towers are the most significant business hub in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. According to the main precondition and sorting of the Council on Tall Structures & Urban Habitat, they were the world’s tallest towers from 1998-2004. The Blue World Trade Center replicates the Twin Towers, a 27-story building with the same amenities and facilities.

Business firms are available on the 23 flooring—a skywalk designed between both towers. The second floor contains the head office of the Blue World Trade Center. BWTC is providing parking reservations in the three-story cellar.


Blue World Trade Center- A World of Facilities and Amenities

Blue World Trade Center- a World of Facilities provides the twin tower visitors, employees, and residents everything that is needed. Following is the series of modern amenities of the BWTC.
  • Secure Vault Parking:

The structure will have committed cars and truck parking to help employees and organization capitalists. Vaults 1 & 2 has reserved for this purpose in Blue World Trade Center.

  • Wide Prayer Area:

The BWTC has delegated a prayer area for all visitors and employees to enable them to carry out their religious services without obtrusion. Male and female prayer areas are discrete. All BWTC artisans & visitants will find it highly suitable to pray close to their offices and outlets without leaving the building.

  • Fully Ventilated Corporate Offices:

BWTC provides employees with tidy, clean, and professional work environments. The space will be fully air-conditioned for team comfort, and the Profession Centre will include Wi-Fi-enabled employee workrooms. The BWTC also has luxuriated locations where employees can take a recess during work hours.

  • Shopping Malls and Entertainment centers:

Blue World Trade Center is NOT a shopping center, BUT it’s a complex trade center with several amenities, including shopping malls as a facility to this trade center for visitors. The partition of floors for shopping malls in the trade center is as the L.G floor, Ground floor, and first floor of the Blue World Trade Center will unquestionably embrace shopping malls.

Besides this, play areas for kids and workers, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, and some entertainment are available for the guests and employees. 

  • Pharmacies and Cosmetic Stores:

Accessible pharmacies and cosmetic stores are preferable to everyone. Isn’t it?

The opportunity for pharmaceuticals and related companies is the facility of pharmacies and cosmetic stores in the Twin Towers of the Twin cities. These amenities are beneficially related to the primary healthcare facilities and the availability of first aid during emergencies at a workplace. Similarly, the reachable pharmacies are cosmetic stores provided by the BWTC to its guests and residents.

  • Loft Apartments and Hotel Accommodations: 

BWTC will offer hotel and apartment accommodations for those wishing to lodge. Living quarters will include essential facilities and amenities. The facility will be tidy and clean, fumigate, and secure. BWTC is an opportunity for people who want to lodge there, as it includes a number of amenities under a single roof.

  • ATM and Banks:

The ATMs and banks within the building will ease visitors and workers. In addition, ATMs ease the withdrawal of cash whenever required and to do banking without stepping outside the building.

  • Spacious Retail Outlet:

The BWTC will set out as the conclusive focus for spacious retail outlets. There are several local and international brands, which has expected to have more than 500 shopping, food, and entertainment outlets. An option of these outlets includes local and international clothing brands, food chains, hypermarkets, entertainment areas, restaurants, and cafes. Blue World supports local and international retailers as part of its dedication to evolving local brands in the shopping traffic.

  • Uninterrupted Power Supply:

At BWTC, there are workplaces and shopping malls, and we want operations to refrain from interspersing due to a power shortage. It is almost unfeasible to hold on for a long time with power outages without backup in today’s modern world. BWTC will save you from having to deal with such problems. The backup generator will maintain the power supply even during load shedding.

  • Maintenance Management 24/7:

BWTC provides an exigency maintenance approach as a part of its maintenance procedure. Maintenance and support services proposed by BWTC are definitive and trustworthy. In the case of any impediment to the work continuity, the BWTC maintenance team will be accessible whole weekdays and 24 hours a day, to offer maintenance solutions.


The BWTC is the first twin tower building of the Twin Cities of Pakistan, which has contemplated to fascinate high-end clients and customers. It is conveniently located in the center of the city and expects to attract much attention due to the variety of amenities and facilities provided under the same roof. As its location is on G.T. Road, all the commercial and residential areas, such as DHA1, DHA-2, Bahria Town, and Gulrez housing society, are nearby. We encourage you to book your outlet or corporate space before it goes fully booked.

For further details, contact UAN: 03311111049


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