Real Estate Industry is Paramount to Pakistan’s Development.

February 6, 2023
Real Estate Industry is Paramount to Pakistan's Development.

Real Estate Industry is Paramount to Pakistan's Development.

The Real Estate Industry is vital to Pakistan’s growth and development, stated by the Senate’s deputy chairman, Mirza Muhammad Afridi,  
According to a press release, he addressed the realtors’ convention under Progressive Etihad Group’s umbrella and shared some of his views.
He said, “Executing training courses and specifying a fund for their welfare is a good initiative; I will try to solve the problems of realtors in CDA and FBR.”
Likewise, the Islamabad Real Estate Brokers Association president, Atif Jameel Butt, commented that the event’s goal was to raise an understanding of real estate agents’ profession, rights, and dignity.
Further, a fair price is for the Client Registration Form and First Visit Form for Property Buyers.

He also added that there is a committee of 18 members in every industry and community to handle the challenges.
Meanwhile, the president stated that children and widows would also receive assistance, adding that estate agents would receive training seminars to ensure the seamless transfer of files into CDA.

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