Second Cup Coffee at Blue World City

Blue World City Islamabad is making rounds everywhere due to its outstanding development and planning. The purpose of the society builders is to provide its residents that will be a lot attractive even for overseas residents. Blue World City is getting famous due to its authenticity and the credibility they have built among the people. This is what makes them stand in the real estate world.

Due to the success of Blue World City a multinational brand Second Cup Coffee has taken the initiative to be part of BWC under the world’s tallest horse mascots. This is the 50th branch of Second Cup Coffee, a milestone achieved by Blue World City. This is only feasible because of Mr. Saad Nazir’s and the Blue Group of Companies’ foresight. Many customers began to stream in for a hot cup of coffee once the business opened. The success of Blue World City (BWC) as a residential project is stated below. Families love to invest in a location that makes them feel welcome, and nothing makes people feel more welcome than the wonders of the contemporary world.

Inauguration of Second Cup Coffee at Blue World City

Jim Ragas himself came to Rawalpindi for the inauguration of his branch in BWC Islamabad. The launch of Second Cup Coffee took place on June 2022. The event was also adorned by the important members of the Blue World City.

The franchise’s placement on the bottom level of the world’s tallest horse mascot ensures that it will have all of the world-class facilities that one needs.”

While he addressed the media at the event, the chairman of Blue World City Saad Nazir said that Pakistan’s real estate sector has been introduced to a unique architectural style and approach by building the tallest horse mascot. He added.

“We are striving to make the Pakistani real estate market contemporary and exceptional, by providing world-class entertainment facilities to our citizens, in line with the standards of Dubai and Singapore. Our modest contribution towards achieving this goal is the launch of the Second Cup franchise under the world’s tallest horse mascot.”

Why Second Cup Coffee?

The Second Cup is one of Canada’s greatest coffee brands. Furthermore, their developers are promoting the brand around the country. The coffee is recognized for its exquisite mix and formula, which its customers cannot obtain anyplace else. Furthermore, it is a world-class brand that is a tempting approach to entice investors to make an ideal and worthwhile investment at Blue World City Islamabad. 

Most significantly, its availability will pique the interest of international clientele who wish to invest in the high-end home project. Furthermore, it will boost the confidence and dependability of prospective inhabitants. Finally, the neighborhood has various additional features, such as a copy of the Burj Al Arab, a replica of the Blue Mosque, and the tallest horse mascots.

Significance of Second Cup Coffee at Blue World City

A food brand comes with a lot of advantages. There are many reasons for investors to invest in Blue World City. Here are some prime reasons for having a second-cup franchise in the community.


One of the well-known brands presently offered in the neighborhood is The Second Cup. Furthermore, a variety of facilities and features will be included in the housing complex. Residents will benefit from the gated community’s world-class facilities. Furthermore, people may obtain all of these pleasant experiences at reasonable prices by making straightforward monthly payments. The second cup franchise would not only provide blended coffee but also other delectable cuisine products.

Most significantly, the developers are eager to provide a one-of-a-kind feature of living at the housing complex. As a result, investing in Blue World City Islamabad will allow investors to spend more time relaxing in the neighborhood.

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