World’s Tallest Horse Mascot in Blue World City

Falkirk, Scotland, is home to the world’s largest equine sculpture, the Kelpies. These 30-meter-high horse mascots, which were placed along the M9 Motorway in April 2014, pay homage to Scotland’s horse-powered industrial past. But just what are kelpies?

A kelpie is a shape-shifting watery ghost from Scottish folklore. Its name might be derived from the Scottish Gaelic phrases ‘cailpeach’ or ‘colpach,’ both of which mean colt. Kelpies are said to haunt rivers and streams because they resemble horses.

Horse Mascots in Blue World City

Blue World City is going to be one of the most famous residential housing societies in the twin cities near Chakri Interchange. Blue World City began the development of world-famous Horse Mascots. They intend to turn it into a tourism attraction so that visitors from all around the world, including Pakistan, may marvel at the gorgeous sight of these mascots. The horse mascots will be night lit, in order to make them visible from distance. The Blue World City Horse Mascot will have the biggest brand of coffee Second Cup Coffee there to amuse the tourists. 

World's Tallest Horse Mascots Size

Mascots will be the world’s tallest sculpture, reaching 125 feet above ground level and surpassing the 30-meter-tall Kelpies in Scotland, which attract tourists from all around the world. Horse Mascots will stun travelers with their towering presence, prompting wonder and amazement with a fascinating impact, especially at night when the lit sculptures will be visible from the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway.

Top Tier Features of Horse Mascot in Blue World City

Being the Tallest
Creating two, not one, of the world’s highest Horse Mascots is an accomplishment in and of itself. But Blue World City is continuously pushing the envelope. That is why they are building 125-foot-tall statues. They also intend to enter it into the Guinness Book of World Records.
Night Time Lit
One mascot’s creation is complete, and it is nothing short of magnificent. The architects have strung the structures with high-intensity lights, making them visible from a long distance. Everyone who sees the horse mascots at night will get shivers.
Second Cup Coffee
When you construct wonderful things, they will only attract more magnificent things. That is why Second Cup Coffee has created a branch in the form of a finished horse mascot. Families are flocking to spend time with their loved ones.
Art Museum
In the basement of these magnificent constructions, there will be an Art Museum. You and your family may go there to admire the arts and crafts of several notable artists.


Being a developing and economically struggling country, we tend to find ways for better opportunities, and finding an ideal home and residence comes on top of the list. A Blue World City is projecting tremendous housing societies and plans for the nation of Pakistan, giving all the luxurious amenities and tourist attractions that are far-sighted.

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