Blue World City Sports Valley Block:

Have you ever imagined the residential land with the hub of multiple sports arenas?
Land with the glance of a sports dome and a healthy–oriented environment makes a perfect combination for living a healthy and standard lifestyle. Health is wealth is a well-known proverb, but good health always makes you active and energetic. From this concept, Blue World City Islamabad is the name of prosperous land that aims to provide world-class facilities in one spot. The BWC is designed and planned to offer a wide range of sports facilities for the inhabitants and outsiders. Like before, the residents will never see the premium sports facilities in any housing society.

The grand opportunity for sports enthusiasts is the perfect place to promote a healthy environment for boosting sports tenure and tourism in Pakistan. A dedicated and spacious cricket stadium will also be built with a massive capacity of 55,000 spectators and parking spaces for 15,000 vehicles.

Whereas, this stadium is not only surrounded by a world-class cricket field but also allocated for residential purposes with unique apartments and commercial hubs. The Blue World City Islamabad Sports Valley Block will also offer an eco-friendly environment, recreational parks, volleyball, basketball, badminton, Gym, tennis, bowling alley, hiking trails, and cycling tracks.

Owners and Developers of BWC Sports Valley Block:

The Blue Group of Companies is the developer of the sports valley block, with the collaboration of well-known contractors. When we talk about property developers, the BGC always comes first as world-class property developers—well known for delivering the state of art housing projects all over Pakistan. The residential venture with dedicated blocks was developed to offer specified amenities at affordable prices. It is essential to mention that this block Orientation Ceremony of sports valley was only held to inform the investors about the futuristic block. The visionary person Mr. Saad Nazir who works on the backhand, his mind strategy constantly works towards success and innovation. His dream is to offer the best health-oriented residential society with mind-blowing features.

Legal Status of BWC Sports Valley Block:

Every residential sector needs to be authentic and legal; for this purpose, the respective society requires NOC that signifies the No Objection Certificate. Whereas the Blue World City Islamabad NOC is allegedly approved by the district council. Some issues and disputes arose between the RDA and District Council, but the good news is that the Government resolved this issue.
They already got the approval from the respective ordinance by the RDA. Moreover, the support of housing ventures is essential for the assurance of the properties.

Blue World City Sports Valley Block Location:

The location is the initial step to deciding where this sector will be allocated with the provision of all the idealist amenities. The area of sports valley block is also located at the best location in Islamabad, with multiple significant landmarks surrounding it.

Nearby blocks are Blue World City Awami BlockBlue World City General BlockBlue World City Overseas BlockBlue World City Waterfront Block, and Blue World City Hollywood Block.

Accessible points from Sports Valley Block:

The BWC Sports Valley Block is easily accessible from several locations. It is easily reachable from the following spots.

  • Located at main Chakri road
  • From Chakri Interchange, just 21 minutes far away
  • From Adiyala road, almost 11 min far away
  • M-1 Motorway is just 45 minutes far away
  • Islamabad International Airport is just a 37-minute drive away.

Blue World City Sports Valley Nearby Places:

Sports Vale, several nearby landmarks and places surround the lavish block:

Master Plan of Blue World City Sports Valley Block:

This block lies in the heart of Blue World City; the management has organized this sector aesthetically, especially for sports enthusiasts of the country. A highly qualified and professional team of experts with years of experience in urban areas planned and designed this magnificent block. The provision of sports complexes and exceptional facilities makes this block different from others.

The sports vale offers a wide range of plots for sale in multiples sizes, such as

  • 5 Marla plots
  • 8 Marla plots
  • 10 Marla plots
  • 1 Kanal plots

Updated Development status of sports Valley:

The updated development progress is rapidly progressing with success in Blue World City Islamabad. For establishing the sports Valley block, 8921 Kanal is allocated for the sports valley block. A dedicated appearance for this block has been constructed, with a rapid move on. The total 208 feet wide main boulevard for the sports block has already been flattened. 

Furthermore, the future development plans hold many attraction points and features, all are interrelated with the sports arena. 

The most exciting features are Pakistan’s largest cricket stadium, Torch Hotel, Bowling Alley, Villagio Mall, Badminton, Cycling Track, Monuments, hiking trail, Volleyball Court, and much more. 

Payment plan of Sports valley:

Sports valley block offers commercial and residential plots with the new payment rates of BWC. The payment plans have been launched. The excellent factor about the sports valley plots down payments the usual is to pay only 10%. But now, the down payment has been brought to 7.5%, with the feasibility of a 4-year installment plan and 40 monthly installments, and eight quarterly installments. 

Residential and commercial plots consist of multiples size of properties:

Payment plan of Sports Valley residential Plots

Salient features of Sports valley block:

  • Gated Community 
  • Surveillance security 24/7 
  • Maintenance services 
  • Eco-friendly environment
  • Health care and medical facilities 
  • Jamia Masjid 
  • Wide Carpeted road
  • Streetlights and greenbelts 
  • Parks and recreational areas
  • Availability of Water and Gas
  • Underground electricity supply         

Attractive points of BWC Sports Valley:

BWC Islamabad Sports Valley block offers unique and the state of art amenities and attractions. BWC provided the most amazing and attractive points such as BWC Horse Mascots, Burj Al Arab Blue World City, Water Theme Park, Second Cup Coffee Blue World City, Jamia Mosques, Restaurants, and much more. Being the essence of top-class architecture and attractions.

Pakistan’s biggest cricket stadium is established on 1200 Kanal land. The proposed architecture for the stadium has a sitting capacity of almost 55,000 spectators and a dedicated parking space for 15,000 cars. The cricket stadium will have its enthusiastic food court on the ground floor. The Blue World City’s new updates signify the development of the Blue Mosque in the sports valley block on 125 Kanal land. This block only offers 25 incorporated parks and luxurious apartments. The meticulous amenities of sports valley are:

  • Largest Cricket Stadium
  • Mega Commercial
  • Torch Hotel
  • Villagio Mall
  • Blue Mosque
  • Gymnasium
  • Cricket Stadium
  • Sports Club
  • Basketball Court
  • Hiking trail
  • Badminton Court
  • Hockey Field
  • Apartments
  • Bowling Alley
  • Blue Mosque

Why is it worth enough to invest in BWC sports Valley? 

The one question is why one should invest in BWC sports valley. Have you experienced the feasibility of installments in the property sector? The attractive percentage of 7.5% down payment and affordable plot prices are pretty smart for both investors and buyers to pay four-year Installment plans.

Including the primary reasons for Investment, the BWC Sports Valley offers the top-class infrastructure, on-ground development process, top-notch facilities, attractions, site location, trusted owners, and affordability quite enough to invest in this sports vale.

Wants to book a plot in BWC sports vale?

Yes, everyone has the opportunity to book their plot in BWC Sports; if one has an excellent asset and wants to invest, then BWC sports valley provides the grand occasion. For detailed booking, procedure requires the following credentials

  • Complete the booking form
  • Two passport-size pictures of the applicant
  • 2 CNIC copies of the applicant or need B-form for under 18 ages
  • 2 CNIC copies of next to kin of the applicant
  • Pay order receipt and Down payment cheque required

Pros & Cons of BWC Sports Valley:


The Blue World City sports Valley block will be an exciting residential place in the history of Pakistan, with the provision of a grand cricket stadium, sports complexes, football court, badminton hiking trails, and cycling track, beyond the expectation of clients. 

Pakistan’s first purpose-built tourist destination aims to fulfill your dreams, as provides you the facility to grab the plot with the supervision of our reliable and trustworthy resources. For further details, get the free consultation and book your appointment today. We are pleased to help and guide you; your satisfaction is our core value. 

For more updates contact us at UAN: 0331-1111049


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