Blue Mosque Blue World City

Despite its gorgeous characteristics and lush green neighborhoods, Islamabad lacks adventurous and risky tourist destinations. For years, people have been calling for large-scale tourist attractions such as amusement parks, athletic arenas, and cultural complexes. However, a new effort called the Blue World City Islamabad is being established in Islamabad with the purpose of filling this hole in the tourism sector. With a variety of outstanding thematic tourism attractions, this developing tourist destination in Islamabad is building the basis to transform the city’s tourism economy. Also, it is an RDA-approved society. 

Blue World City placed on the main Chakri Road near New International Airport is a much-awaited destination with diverse tourism facilities. Many excellent places in the residential housing society have already been introduced by the administration. Water Theme Park, World’s Tallest Horse Mascots, Rumi Square, Burj Al Arab, Second Cup Coffee, and several other attractions.

Need for Blue Mosque in Blue World City

Islamabad is the federal capital of Pakistan which is in comparison to Lahore, Peshawar, Bahawalpur is a relatively modern city with limited historical and cultural tourism. Aside from Islamabad’s Faisal Mosque, there are a few cultural sites in the city that showcase Islamic architecture. As a result, Blue World City Islamabad wants to build some of the country’s finest mosques, all of which will exhibit stunning Islamic architecture.

Blue Mosque BWC the Finest Tourist Attraction

Blue Mosque Blue World City Islamabad is going to be the finest tourist attraction for all of Blue World City Islamabad. The developers of Blue World City will be creating it to be the most serene and viable attraction. It will also be a symbol of Muslim unity as it is a replica of the famous Blue Mosque in Turkey. Above all the easy payment plans will help investors make a bearable and sensible investment. Blue World City’s development work is going at a very fast pace that will soon be available for all the residents. Moreover, a lot of tourist spots have been installed in the housing scheme to boost the living criteria of life of the residents.

Blue Mosque Blue World City Location

The administration has chosen to build a replica of the Blue Mosque in the center of the Blue World Housing Scheme. It will be located directly in front of the Blue World City General Block and next to it. The Blue World Mosque’s location implies that it will be conveniently accessible from everywhere in the city. It will be strategically placed in order to accommodate as many tourists as feasible.

Features of Blue Mosque Replica

The Blue Mosque is being built on 104 Kanals of land, with a covered area identical to the original mosque and an environment that conveys the same awe and wonderful spiritual experience that Istanbul’s Blue Mosque is known for. A team of expert architects, engineers, and artisans designed and are creating the Blue Mosque in Blue World City, emulating the classic’s complexity and devotion. This landmark installation has some great aspects, including:


The Blue Mosque Replica will provide the best environment for all investors and the community to fulfill their religious obligations. Furthermore, the copy will have almost the same architecture and infrastructure as the original Mosque. Most significantly, investors can visit the prayer space anytime they choose. 

Furthermore, world-grade architecture within the gates of the gated community will increase the value of life for all residents and investors. Furthermore, the developers are attempting to create a living environment that encourages Muslim culture.
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