Blue World Trade Center-A Business Hub in Rawalpindi

Have you heard about the BWTC a Business Hub in Rawalpindi Islamabad?And do you want to invest in a reliable hub of the Real estate World? Read it thoroughly for your understanding!

A well-furnished and steadfast business hub that is opening a new door for Pakistan’s business, trade, and the world of real estate is BWTC. These Twin Towers of the Twin Cities provide all modern amenities and facilities to its investors, traders, and residents. It is a mega business hub that is adding up to the economic development of the country and the business market of Pakistan. Furthermore, because of its central location, this skyscraper is accessible from all routes of Rawalpindi Islamabad. It is the most sought-after Real Estate Employment Hub in Twin Cities compared to Centaurus, Giga Mall, and Safa Gold Mall. The vision behind this project is to bring forward opportunities for commercial investments for people looking for profits from their earnings. The Blue World Trade Center is the only mega business hub in Rawalpindi Islamabad that provides work under the modern era along with entertainment and refreshments under the same roof. BWTC provides all the amenities and features that address the demands of its employees, visitors, and residents.

Blue World Trade Center-A Mega Business Hub:

Yes! BWTC, a mega business hub in Islamabad, is all you need under the same roof. Pakistan’s first mega trafficking hub has all amenities and features of the modern age. Blue World Trade Center is establishing great fame in the Real Estate World of Pakistan. The Twin Towers are well-designed buildings that are considered a portal to the Real Estate industry of Pakistan. The BWTC is a challenging business hub for other vertical constructions. The BGC-IGC Consortium promotes the drifts for trade, business, shopping, and leisure. . Furthermore, the BWTC provides an environment where you can enjoy all the areas of shopping, business, employment, and living under the same roof. The features and amenities of the mega business hub in Rawalpindi Islamabad make work and life entertaining and opportune.

BWTC-an Economic Hub of Twin Cities:

The Blue World Trade Center is an intelligent and revolutionary mega-business construction of the twin cities that will subsidy all stockholders and future populations. It is the first economic business hub in Islamabad. There are several reasons for the fame of BWTC, some of which are below.

  • Firstly, this trading hub is a new gateway to the real estate world of Pakistan, and it will take real estate and business to the next level.
  • Secondly, the location of the BWTC business is one of the ideal locations of Rawalpindi Islamabad because this location is accessible from all the main routes of the Twin Cities.  
  • Thirdly, the amenities and facilities provided by the BWTC are well equipped and of the modern age, which brings ease and leisure to business, shopping, work, and life under the same roof.
  • Fourth, this mega business hub is an economic hub that can boost the level of business and trade in Pakistan, which can add to the economy of Pakistan.

Why the BWTC is a Mega Business Hub in Rawalpindi Islamabad:

We have the answer to your question. There are a number of factors that signifies the BWTC as a Mega Business Hub in Rawalpindi Islamabad.

Redbrick Facilities available at BWTC:

Modern-age amenities and features are available at the mega hub in Rawalpindi Islamabad.

  • Loft Apartments and Hotel Accommodations 
  • Fully ventilated Cooperate offices 
  • Shopping Malls & Entertainment centers
  • Secure vault parking
  • Pharmacies and Cosmetic stores
  • Wide prayer area
  • ATM & Banks
  • Outdoor cafes
  • Spacious retail outlets
  • Restaurants 
  • High-speed Elevator
  • Multinational Grocery and convenience store
  • Uninterrupted power supply 24/7
  • Security surveillance 24/7
  • Maintenance Management 24/7

Tactical Location of BWTC:

The Blue World Trade Center is a mega business hub spotted on G.T. Road Islamabad and is, without a distrust, the most hastily rising real estate enterprise. BWTC Islamabad’s location set it apart from the rest of the commercials

  • It mainly falls on the main G.T. road, which is easily accessible from all main routes of the Twin Cities.
  • It is a 2-minute drive from Bahria Town Hospital.
  • It is only 10 minutes away from the computer Resort.
  • 15 Minutes far from Rawalpindi Train Terminal.
  • It is at a minimum driving distance from the Islamabad International Airport.

One-Stop Shop Area:

Yes! You can now enjoy your work at an entertaining place.

The business hub BWTC provides you with a facility for residential, corporate offices and shopping centers at a one-stop shop area. You can get the details and avail offers of this mega business hub from this platform.

The booking and sale of shops and offices are open with a 25% down payment. The shops and Corporate Offices are available in different types and sizes at reasonable prices on each floor of the mega business hub BWTC. The size of shops and offices has uniquely divided according to the floor-wise partition. 

Categories of Shops:

There are three categories of shops mentioned by BWTC developers.

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Shop SizeFloorCategoryRate per Square Foot
240-920Lower GroundSilver75,075
89-366First FloorSilver80,850
288-560Lower GroundGold80,850
163-816Lower GroundPlatinum86,625

Categories of Corporate Offices:

The mega business hub in Islamabad, Blue World Trade Center, offers corporate offices of numerous sizes at reasonable prices. Lodging can be paid 25% in advance and the balance in 4 episodes.

SizeFloorCategoryRate per Square Feet
635-13084th -7thGeneralRs 21,000
635-13088th -11thGeneralRs 23,500
635-130812th -16thGeneralRs 26,000
790-127018thGeneralRs 30,500
790-127019th -21stGeneralRs 30,000
790-127022ndGeneralRs 35,000

Floor-Wise Breakdown of the Blue World Trade Center:

Another factor that makes the BWTC a mega business hub in Rawalpindi Islamabad is its floor-wise breakdown. You can check and book the required floors of BWTC accordingly. The owners of the Blue World Trade Center have publicized the floor-wise portrayal of the business hub in Rawalpindi during its launch ceremony held on Oct 29th, 2022. Following is the Floor Wise Breakdown of the Blue World Trade Center:

Categories of FloorAllocated Sectors
Basements-1 & 2Dedicated Car Parking
Lower Ground, Ground & 1st FloorShopping Mall
2nd FloorFood Court & Play Area
3rd FloorServices Storey
4th till 16th FloorCorporate Offices
17th FloorExecutive Chamber Offices
18th till 22nd FloorCorporate Offices
23rd & 24th FloorLoft Apartments
25th FloorServices Storey

The Bottom Line:

Blue World Trade Center, a mega business hub in Rawalpindi Islamabad, is an elegant vertical commercial hub in Twin Cities. This is the mega business hub in Rawalpindi Islamabad that opens new doors of economic development in Pakistan. Its multiple amazing factors signify that this business center is a mega trading hub in Rawalpindi. This Replica Twin Tower delivers the opportunity to purchase commercials like shops, corporate offices, Trade centers, and loft apartments under the same roof. The sensible payment plans and reasonable installment packages made it easy to expand your business through a mega business structure in Rawalpindi Islamabad. Moreover, the deliberate location of the mega business hub Blue World Trade Center made access easy for entrepreneurs, exporters, foreigners, guests, staff, residents, and everyday people to this high-rise business hub in the twin cities. Its location is nearby from all primary routes of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. These offices, shops, and apartments are for sale in the BWTC business hub. If you want to avail this next-level business or trade, do contact us:
UAN: 0331-111104


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