BWTC- A Real Estate Hub in Rawalpindi and Islamabad

Why Invest in Real Estate?

Are you worried about investing in real estate? How can real estate provide investment opportunities?

Here’s what you must know about real estate profits and why real estate measures a good investment.

Property investment is the most responsible task for an investor, and an investor considers a surplus of aspects before getting into such a venture. What factors will you prefer while investing? The essential factor in deciding the critical aspects of the investment is the investors are often concerned about whether their investment will provide profits or go to waste. 

The Blue World Trade Center is a commercial real estate building on G.T. Road Islamabad and is, without a doubt, the most speedily growing real estate initiative. BWTC Islamabad’s features and facilities set it apart from the rest of the commercials. Blue World Trade Center Location put forward that this development will play an important role in land decisions. 

An investor should observe the good and bad of the local side areas before acquiring an asset. The Blue Group of Companies possesses the right to construct one of the most brilliant edifice structures in the Twin Cities, the Blue World Trade Center. The vision of BGC to change Pakistan’s real estate landscape is to help millions of people. The facility of gambling the investment opportunities by Blue World Trade Center will help build the economy of Pakistan. The BGC has employed a good construction company in China to help physique this architectural marvel in the core of Pakistan.

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BWTC- A Commercial of Reliable Location for Investors:

The strategic location of the Blue World Trade Center suggests that this commercial hub will play an essential role in opening new gateways for the investors and developers of Pakistan. An investor should know the beneficiaries of the location of the investments. Therefore, the development of the Blue World Trade Center is at a prime location with all essential routes accessible. The project is easily accessible via the M-2 Motorway, which connects Lahore and Islamabad. Furthermore, the facility is near the newly opened Islamabad International Airport.


•The BWTC’s location is on G.T. road, accessible from all routes of the twin cities.
•It is a 2 min drive from Bahria Town Hospital.
•It is only 10 minutes away from P.C. Hotel.
•It is 15 Minutes away from Rawalpindi Railway Station.
•It is at a driving distance from the new airport.

Replica of Petronas Tower:

The Blue World Trade Center is of international standard because this is the replica of the PETRONAS Twin Tower. The PETRONAS Twin Towers are in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. These towers were the world’s tallest from 1998 to 2004 (Official Standards and Classification of the Council on Tall Structures & Urban Habitat). 

The Blue World Trade Center is a two-part and 27-story tower with several facilities and services similar to the PETRONAS Twin Towers. The BWTC will provide a vault parking facility in its three-story basement. Besides this, a skywalk between the Twin towers joins the buildings by a bridge. This skyscraper will open new doors for investments and profits for investors.

5 Top Reasons to Invest in Real Estate

•Paramount Investment Hub

Blue world trade center offers investors an excellent opportunity to invest in the bwtc and assist their businesses in succeeding. because of its ideal location, floor plan, superior structural design, and reasonable legal standing, the blue world trade center is an excellent investment opportunity

•Attractions for Tourists

Blue World City Islamabad is an international-level project offering residents new experiences. Among the attractions are a recreation of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque, the world’s tallest Horse Mascot, Rumi’s Square, a 5-star hilltop hotel, and a world-class Water Theme Park. Secure and straightforward real estate investment programs for domestic and international investors accompany this.

•Commercial Hub

The Blue World Trade Center location map is set to become the country’s first commercial center, with Pakistan’s largest CPEC in its midst. The project’s safe atmosphere, facilities, and desirable location contribute to its success, with the help of Chinese partners and the highest level of development and determination. It will undoubtedly become the setting for your fantasies.

•Ample Parking System
BWTC provides a dedicated vast parking space for its patrons and business investors.

•Shopping Malls

The lower levels of the trading center will solely include retail establishments, per the building’s architecture.

BWTC- Features that can Influence the Investors to invest in Commercial Real Estate:

Several factors can make the decision of investment easy for you. These factors can make the comparison and differences to other commercials easier to understand. The enrichment of the Blue World Trade Center with modern amenities and facilities that can be eye-catching for investors and traders of local and international levels. Some of the main factors are as follows:

NOC Updated

NOC is an abbreviation for the No Objection Certificate, which is issued by an authorized officer of a land-owning agency. When purchasing real estate, people look for authenticity. Finally, the NOC for Blue World Trade City has been approved. The wait is now over. Make the most of the opportunity. Go get your desired land and own what you want.

Noticeable Facilities Twin Towers (BWTC)

Blue World Trade Center facilitates its employees, guests, visitors, and investors with its brilliant services and modern facilities. It is one of the best commercials that provide the facility of work, joy, and entertainment under the same roof. Those amenities and facilities are the key points for an investor to judge the pros and cons of investment plans. The provided services and facilities are a significant step in the investment process in the business world. BWTC provides several such features and benefits as. These features add up the interests of the investors for the trades and business.

  • Dedicated Car Parking
  • Corporate Offices
  • Shopping Malls & Entertainment centers
  • Loft Apartments with all the latest amenities
  • Immense prayer area
  • Local & International Brands
  • Pharmacies and Cosmetics
  • Clean Food Courts
  • ATMs and Banking
  • Hotel Accommodations
  • High-speed elevator
  • Terrace Cafeterias
  • Restaurants
  • Grocery and retail stores
  • 24/7 Power supply


Investments Strategies- Floor-wise Breakdown of the BWTC:

Blue World Trade Center is a commercial 27-story, featured skyscraper of the Twin Cities. Investors have a great opportunity to invest using its floor-wise breakdown according to the amenities and facilities available on the floors. Its floor-wise breakdown is listed below:

  • Dedicated Car Parking – Basements 1 & 2
  • Shopping Mall – Lower Ground, Ground, and 1st Floor
  • Food Court & Play Area – 2nd Floor
  • Services Storey – 3rd Floor
  • Corporate Offices – 4th till 16th Floor
  • Loft Apartments – 23rd and 24th Floor
  • Services Storey – 25th Floor


BWTC- An Investment Opportunity for Local and International Merchants:

The lower ground of the BWTC is for all the shopping brands. This commercial is an excellent opportunity for investors and traders to avail the shopping malls in BWTC. The list of brands in the BWTC is as follows:

  • NIKE
  • HSY
  • NEXT

Investing in Commercial Real Estate vs. Residential

Investing in Commercial Real Estate vs. Residential Real Estate

Is commercial property more profitable than residential property?
Any property used explicitly for business purposes is termed commercial real estate (CRE). Any property created solely for living is termed residential real estate (RRE).
But in what kind of property should you invest?
Investment in Commercial real estate is less risky from this standpoint as it almost always has a stable cash flow due to its installment terms for renters. In contrast, investing in a residential property can be risky as those inclined to have unstable cash flow with the latent for drastic changes in market demand.

Who Should Invest in Real Estate?

Who would not prefer to invest in a development with so many possibilities to be the best of many? The Blue World Trade Center is also in the same category of product. It has easy and affordable payment plans, so anyone can invest using such property plans in the Blue World Trade Center. If we look at the payment plans of the Blue World Trade Center, we can see that the supervision of the Blue World Trade Center has laid so much pressure on the accessibility of the property to everyone. 

The Bottom Line:

Real estate is a diverse strength class that’s simple to recognize and can enhance the risk-and-return profile of an investor’s portfolio. Real estate deals with cash flow, tax breaks, equity building, competitive risk-adjusted revenues, and a hedge alongside inflation. Real estate can also improve a portfolio by lowering instability through divergence, whether you invest in physical properties or REITs. 

Blue World Trade Center is an excellent opportunity for investors to get an advantage from all diversifications of Real Estate. Comparing Residential and Commercial Real Estate Investment clears the investment point in BWTC. We provide you with a trustworthy and reliable investment platform and services where you can invest your assets. For payment plans and more information, visit
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