Overview of Blue World Trade Center

With the construction of Pakistan’s first property exchange skyscraper, the Blue World Trade Center, BGC-IGC Consortium advances business introducing trade, shopping, business, and leisure to the next level. This Blue World Trade Center is going to be the “Tallest Business Address of Twin Cities”.

This tall remarkable is going to be a huge spanning over 29-story building comprising 500 feet that offers multiple amenities such as “Commercial Outlets, Corporate Offices & Loft Apartments”. Being conveniently situated, Blue World Trade Center will be the most hunted company address, especially for those who want to stay a step above the competition. The goal is to establish a setting where you may take advantage of all forms of commerce, business, and retail under one roof.

The twin towers in Rawalpindi and Islamabad are going to be one of the biggest hubs in Pakistan. These towers are going to be the renowned commercial hub having multiple shops.

Blue World Trade Center Developers

Blue World Trade Center construction is taken out by the Blue Group of Companies. The company established its solid and reputable image in a very short span of time. This just happened as the company attracted the interest of clients and trustworthy investors in the industry. This is a huge milestone covered by Blue Group of Companies which was initially established in 1989 and is now regarded as one of the top five property development companies in Pakistan, well-known internationally.

Since then, the company has put a lot of effort into positioning itself as a one-stop shop for numerous services, including branding for real estate construction, design and construction, development, IT support, and commercial publishing. In addition to these services, the group has started a retail business. Additionally, it owns a number of convenience stores and clothing businesses. The Blue Group of Companies, one of Pakistan’s most diverse corporations, employs about 300 devoted workers in a variety of roles.

Prime Location of Twin Towers

Before an individual invests he always checks the location. The area plays a significant role. This was always kept in the eye by the Blue Group of Companies since then it is very accessible from the Grand Trunk known as GT Road. BWTC is located at a very prime location in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. It is between the two biggest societies of Rawalpindi Bahria Town and the Defense Housing Authority (DHA). This is the fact that Bahria Town Rawalpindi signified the importance of Blue World City as its hospital is next door.

Nearby Landmarks

Accessible Points

PETRONAS: Twin Towers Replica

The Blue World Trade Center is the twin replica of the PETRONAS twin towers located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They were given the name “skyscrapers”. It is declared the highest building on the planet up till now by Urban Habitat and Tall Building in, from 1998 to 2004. It is a massive project which will be taken out by qualified developers. Blue World Trade Center Developers is aimed to take the real estate world to another level of perfection.

The tower’s replica will include two parts 23 story tower. A skywalk is offered between both towers connected through a bridge.

OIC Monument

Once again in March Pakistan got this distinguished moment to host the 48th session of the OIC meeting was held. 56 country’s officials participated in this meeting when the world was addressing Russian Ukrainian war.

Construction of Islamic Unity Monument at Blue World City is planned to be made in honor of the 48th session of OIC in Pakistan symbolizing Islamic civilization and the unity of Muslim Ummah.

Business Hub

Blue World Trade Center is offering investors a huge opportunity to invest in the BWTC to make their venture successful. Owing to the BWTC’s ideal location, floor plan, superior structural design, and good legal standing make Blue World Trade Center the right option to invest in buying commercial property.

Features of Blue World Trade Center


The Blue World Trade Center is the country’s first property exchange business skyscraper. Their idea is to create a property expansion center in Pakistan, with a multi-use unique building design that includes all of the opulent amenities and features. This will undoubtedly improve high-tech business functioning and efficiency significantly. is known for providing the greatest investment portals and collaborating with top project developers, such as Blue World City; for more information, please visit our website or contact us directly. We invite you to deliver the greatest, most dependable, and safest investing strategy.

For more updates about BWTC, reach us at Contact us at UAN: 03311111049.


Blue World Trade Center is located in the heart of Rawalpindi. Between Bahria Town and DHA, also connecting it to the Grand Trunk Road makes it an ideal location.

Real estate that is used for commercial purposes is referred to as commercial property. Commercial property typically refers to structures that house businesses, although it can also include huge residential rental homes and land that is utilized to make money.

As Blue World Trade Center is the most reputable and diversified project due to its prime location which makes it the most accessible point from each corner of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Residential property is treated as a necessity, not as a business avenue or an investment opportunity. On the other hand, commercial properties are acquired for business and investment purposes. 


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